Zenning out with CorePower Yoga and giving away a free week of classes!

I have for years been trying to become a yogi. Most of my girlfriends (and many guy friends) have a regular yoga practice. I’ve gone on retreats, I’ve attempted all of the classes – hot, level 1, candlelit – you name it and I tried it – or so I thought until I started going to CorePower Yoga in Williamsburg.

I went with my friend Jocelyn from Chic and Sweaty for an event during the fall where we did their amazing yoga sculpt class. Think a bit of 90s hip hop, 2 or 3 lbs weights while you are going through your flow. That was my kind of zen. Just enough yoga and quiet paired with light weights and some killer music.

After that one class I started going to CPY on a regular basis and finally had that moment where I found a few instructors who I loved. For those of you who go to classes regularly you know what I’m talking about when it’s that “hallelujah” moment of finding your instructor. For those in the NYC area I personally have become hooked on Edie’s 11:30 AM Yoga Sculpt on Tuesday’s or any of Jenna’s classes.  I’ve also finally learned how to do my poses properly thanks to their CorePower Yoga 1 class that is great for beginners or those of us who never truly learned how to do things correctly! Over the past three months my form has changed significantly, I’ve finally found how I can “zen out” and bonus? My arms are toned like they’ve never been before.

As excited as I was to find my people at CPY I was equally as excited to find that there are Corepower Yoga studios across the country so I was able to get my CPY fix jut about anywhere. My family is home in Dallas and there are so many locations that I still haven’t had an opportunity to check all of them out but the one in Mockingbird Station near SMU is absolutely fantastic! The instructors are great and I really have been loving their Hot Power Fusion class as the studio in Dallas is huge!

I highly recommend you try CorePower Yoga, even if you’re a little skeptical I know you’ll become hooked just like I did. Grab a free week of classes HERE.

I’ve rounded up a few things to keep in mind if you’re just beginning to get into yoga.

  • If you haven’t taken yoga before or need a little refresh I can’t recommend CorePower Yoga’s Yoga 1 class to get the fundamentals down before progressing.
  • You can rent towels and mats but I highly recommend bringing your own (they also sell thees at the studios!)
  • You will sweat. ALOT. So bring water!
  • I always get there about 15 minutes early to get a great spot!
  • If you’re in Yoga Sculpt you will use weights but you can always switch them for lighter ones or skip them altogether if you need to!

*This post is in partnership with CorePower Yoga but all opinions are my own*


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