What to Pack for 5 Days in the British Virgin Islands?

When your itinerary looks something like this to get to the British Virgin Islands -à JetBlue -> Cape Air (5 seater plane!) -> walk for 5 minutes or take a taxi for 2 minutes -> ferry -> Scrub Island!! One realizes quickly that only a carry on (packing with my Andiamo suitcase) with the essentials will be allowed. Don’t believe me? On said puddle jumper they not only weigh your luggage but you as well! And let’s be honest, after an airline lost my luggage last year on my flight to Fiji I made the executive decision to only pack carry ons from here on out.  So I’m showing you what to pack for a 5 day getaway to one of the most beautiful islands and how to stay comfortable through it all with FLEXX shoes!

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Since I was headed out to an island where I’d be living in swimsuits and sunscreen all day I am doing a little something different and breaking down my packing guide based on activity!

Plane outfit:

Comfort is key here, especially when moving around so much! I opted for a pair of wide leg high-waisted pantswith a classic white button upthat could both be worn separately during the trip. Shoes? That was a no brainer I wore my Flexx SNEAK NAME sneakers which are the perfect combination of style and everyday comfort.

They are truly so great to travel in and because they’re a neutral they can go with so much! I also made sure to bring my big brimmed hat with me, which took up a bit of space but in the end was well worth it!

Private boat rides? Don’t mind if I do!

But what to wear?!? I went with this cute Off the shoulder crop topworn with high-waisted vintage Levi’s and my Flexx SNEAK NAME sneakers, since they are slide ons they are great to pop on and off between exploring islands!

Beach baby:

The sheer number of swimsuits that I own is quite honestly astonishing – especially given that I live in a rather small apartment in Brooklyn! I packed too many swimsuits for this trip, as I always do! But I love a little variety. Each day we walked about 6 minutes over to a private beach called North Beach so I wore my FLEXX Extra sandals.

Not only are they super comfortable and great for walking around the island but they’re so cute too!

Morning Hike:

I never go on a trip without workout gear! Yes, there are definitely times when the gear never sees the light of day but on a trip like this I knew I’d be active! We would get up to catch the sunrise on the other side of the island (a short 5 minute walk from our room). I packed up the most appropriate gear I had – my Sweaty Betty set that is oh so perfect!

Dinner on the beach:

I will never question getting somewhat dressed up and this cloud blue maxi dressis what beach dreams are made of. See THIS post for how to style it and sizing help!!

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4 Responses
  • Lynn Banducci
    July 6, 2018

    I find it absolutely incredible that you can pack for 5 days with a carry on and look that incredible ?♥️ Every outfit was perfect and the shoes looked absolutely comfortable but pretty at the same time. Each one of the Flexx shoes were perfect in there own way so it’s so difficult to say which was my favorite. Being forced I’d probably have to say the sneaks because I wear a lot of yoga pants/leggings/skinny’s and walk a lot. I absolutely loved your article ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Dreamy adventures
    Thank you so much ??.

  • auntteen928
    July 6, 2018

    What a fantastic article! I thought I knew most packing tips. But learned a couple more! Favorite Pair is the Silver Graffiti Sneak Blossom.

  • Katie Saba
    July 7, 2018

    I love the pink sneakers you have on with the straw beach bag.

  • Rachel Horton
    July 9, 2018

    Wow! Love the whole list. Great recommendations – especially on the Flexx sneakers! I’d actually never heard of them before, but I’d love to give them a try. Thanks for sharing.

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