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Let’s get real for a second. If any of you are like me, getting back into the groove following the holidays is ROUGH. Sure every single person you know is hitting the gym, trying out whole30 or attempting some sort of a January detox challenge but as most of us know those resolutions fade out quicker than your recent round of highlights. When you force yourself into these situations you are more likely to fail than succeed. I’m an advocate for a healthy lifestyle but for me it’s all about moderation.  I’ve learned that a set back here and there is not detrimental. You’re not made to be perfect, you’re made to be you.


As I’ve mentioned a few times I like to change up my workouts but it’s even more about implementing change into my regular routine. I’ve made it a priority this year to focus on my meditation practice and to truly give yoga a real try.  By combining these two elements into my often high-energy, cardio and sculpt filled workouts I know that I’ll be creating a much more balanced active lifestyle.  What are you trying this year to live a healthier, more well-rounded life?


ii Tip: Always remember that you are ever-evolving, raising the bar and defying expectations.  #PerfectNever

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