The Travel Essentials: In-Flight Beauty Routine (yes, that is a thing!)

Now that we’re back in full force travel mode, I’m fairly certain we all need to update our packing essentials, restock the old favorites and introduce some new ones into the mix no matter where you are heading. I’ve rounded up the beauty items I swear by, the comfortable travel wardrobe I’ve perfected and just what I pack with me to make sure I’m feeling, looking and dressing my best. Enter your new packing guide for every moment from take off to landing and dinner.

Keep your skin healthy: The beauty must-haves 

Whether you’re on a long or a short flight your skin is going to take a beating with the recycled air so these products help ensure your skin is kept moisturized and feeling great.  I like to remove my makeup before flights over 2 hours so that my skin can breath and that I can do everything I can to keep in hydrated. 

Face wipes to remove makeup and just the airport grim from your skin before sitting on the plane! 

FRE Refresh Me Spray is incredibly hydrating and a great way to also keep your skin moisturized while staying awake (the mist is such a lovely alternative to more coffee) – just don’t forget to make sure you aren’t spraying your seat mates.

Under eye patches – these perfect for any length of flights and they are clear so you can barely see they’re there and they have them for smile lines too – PERFECT to wear under your face mask – use code Ashley20 for 20% off

Don’t want to go with patches? This clear under eye mask is a good alternative. 

Lano lips hydrating serum because even your lips run the risk of getting chapped and dry in the recycled air.

FRE Revive Me serum – This is such a great serum and it comes in a travel size. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or looking that way either.

Teeth whitening strips – Look, we’re wearing masks for 2+ hours – THIS IS THE PERFECT time to make that smile pearly white. 

Jade roller – This is a non-negotiable for me on all flights, I use it to keep the blood circulating in my face and it’s especially helpful 

A silk face mask – Game changer right here, I wear these every day but they are a must for everyone on a flight. You’re more comfortable. 

CBD oils because you never know when you’re going to need an extra little chill.

A satin sleep mask will be one of the best investments, not only for flying but also for when you’re in a hotel. 

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