How to make small scale gatherings feel special

Times are weird. I think we can all admit that but this unfortunately is our new normal. No matter what happens we are going to have to adapt the ways in which we live, including how we host dinner parties, happy hours, girls’ nights, date nights, you name it we’re adapting. As a way to bring some normalcy to life I’ve been hosting friends at my house. For those that feel comfortable being inside we do movie nights or dinners, for those that don’t I’m lucky enough to have a back yard space that I love. Either way, it’s about the company more than anything else! 

So here are few ways in which I’m entertaining at home with smaller groups of friends. 

How much wine?

Depending on the number of people attending count two glasses for each. However, if you’re having a former new yorker over just get a bottle for each person, worse case scenario you can Drizly more in – kidding kidding …. Kindof 😉 

I always keep a bottle of bubbly on hand. It may seem cliché but you honestly never know when you may need to celebrate. After this year I say celebrate every single win you can! 

For reds: Depending on your budget I often opt for Seeker’s Pinot Noir, it’s a great price point at ~ $14. I love a good Malbec and the Goulart Malbec 2008 for ~ $65 is a solid option. Domaine Rostaing Cote-Rotie Ampodium is a phenomenal option if you’re looking to spend a little more ~ $100.

It’s wine time.

Rose: Minuty is my go-to. The French Provence rose pairs well with everything and right now in Texas it’s still 80+ outside for a while. In my opinion it’s still a perfect temp to sip a little rose. 

Light bites, just right.

Small cheese options from Whole Foods cheese shop are the absolute best. I don’t like to have cheese sitting around my house, I have zero self control and know that I would devour anything that is left over. So, I swing by the cheese shop and they have small square bins with “Under $4” options, sure they might not be the “prettiest” cuts of cheese but I’ve found some fantastic options in there and they’re great for smaller gatherings. 

A few things to consider: 

Avoid soft cheeses and dips where you have to share knives or spoons.

Try to have everything already cut or individual forks/picks (no, please don’t use toothpicks but instead chic party picks) to grab the food.

Ask people for no double dipping.

Have one dedicated spoon in each bowl so that guests can scoop them up easily.

Shop for my go-to affordable home entertaining pieces:

Photos by Madeline Harper and Nick Urteaga


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