Hitting Reset with Market.Kitchen.Table.

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After nearly a month in Europe of practically eating my way through Paris, London and Ireland I needed to hit reset upon returning back to the states. While I like to think that I have some self control, I needed to enlist a bit of help to get me back on track. I tend to be the person who says screw it I’m having the fries because I want the dang fries. But after weeks of that lets just say I needed some real food that would help me feel better – notice I didn’t say look better – eating better for me sabot feeling less bloated, less tired and less blah. Market Kitchen Table, Clean Eating

Enter Willy Anderson and Amanda Schoppe, the brains behind Market. Kitchen. Table. MKT is the NYC based delivery food service that I am now admittedly hooked on. Willy and Amanda both have food and wellness backgrounds but found that they shared a passion for wanting to create great meals from real food and that they have done.

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They create weekly menus that never left me feeling hungry, if anything they definitely kept fuller and often times I would have left overs that I could in turn make into a second meal or nosh on later in the day. The duo personally deliver the meals to you weekly, poor Amanda actually delivered mine one morning while I had a face mask on! But every ounce of food that you receive is sourced, prepped and cooked by them. To know that my food hasn’t been sitting in some warehouse for hours on end is crucial to me, Willy and Amanda actually go to the farmers market, have established relationships with local farmers and growers making it easy for them to deliver these farm fresh meals.

Market Kitchen Table, On the 10, Clean eating, Healthy NYC, Healthy eating, Fitness, NYC fit blogger, healthy eating

My weekly menu consisted of three days of very delicious meals – each day included lunch, dinner,  2 snacks, and 1 dessert. If you’ve been reading my blog for any period of time you know that I’m not a fan of deprivation and I never once felt that I was missing out on anything.

Market Kitchen Table, Clean Eating

The deliveries are hand delivered in a thermal bag and each meal is fully prepped and ready for you to eat. Of course there are instructions, some items don’t go into the refrigerator, others must but it’s easy and portable. Since I work from a coworking space some days I took my dishes with me. No mess. No clean up. Simple. Which I am ALL ABOUT.

Market Kitchen Table, Clean Eating

Favorite meals:

Everything Bagel Popcorn (GF, V) may or may not have been the best thing in the entire world. As a lover of popcorn I am actively trying to recreate this recipe daily (failing usually! But trying!)

The Trail Mix (GF, V, N) and Roasted Carrot Hummus with Roasted Cauliflower (GF, V) were both fantastic snacks and perfect for someone like me who likes to graze. I know it’s not great to graze but I do it.

The Energy Bowl – Quinoa, Raw & Roasted Seasonal Vegetables, Turmeric Egg – Ramp Vinaigrette (GF, Veg, DF) that I had for lunch was phenomenal and enough to make two meals! Win win! 

Market Kitchen Table, Clean EatingMarket Kitchen Table, Clean Eating


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