Dry January, sober curious or just looking for non-alcoholic drinks options

I’ve never understood non-alcoholic or zero alcohol beverages. that is until I decided to do Dry January. My good friend and a badass writer Hilary rote the book The Dry Challenge and I decided to try The Dry Challenge. Like many of you the standard glass or two of red became a nightly thing at times and even though my family doesn’t drink at the holidays I still felt like I needed a reset. So in being the social butterfly that I am I sought out zero alcohol alternatives that I could drink with friends or on dates.

Gruvi is amazing. I received their secco’s with Hilary’s book and haven’t shut up about the product since I got it. I drank it on two happy hour zoom catch ups with friends and convinced them to buy packages that night. They did and now they are hooked. These are a great alternative to a glass of bubbly or wine for sure and they have a good flavor. They make NA beer options but I have not tried those YET!

MONDAY Gin was introduced to me during a mocktail mixology night and I have to say not only was I completely smitten with the branding – WOW how very Great Gatsy-esque is that label and color combo?! We did Gin sours and this was really great, it definitely mixes like a liquor and more than anything as someone who loves to mix up a good cocktail I loved trying out this Zero Alcohol option. Definitely planning to keep this in rotation!

FRE wines are non alcoholic wines and perfect for you to take to a party where you know you’ll want to hold a beverage sans hangover. Their bubbly rose is quite delightful!

Kin Euphorics is a beverage that I’ve been drinking since their launch in BK a few years back – who else remembers their epic launch party at Gran Torino in Williamsburg?! The drink is so refreshing and a very great alternative for anything from a glass of wine to a cocktail (I love to pour mine in cute champagne glasses!)


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