An Open Letter to Travelers in NYC with Transatlantic Tables

IMG_2829Dear London guys and gals,

Since moving to New York, I have developed an appreciation for amazing meals with friends that I never thought I would. There is something so lovely about sitting down at a table enjoying incredible dishes and great wine that I just love. Our New York Transatlantic Tables dinner, which I previewed last week on Instagram, at Hundred Acres (a personal favorite of mine!) in NYC could not have been more fun, meeting new bloggers, making new friends and getting a chance to hear head Chef Ayesha Nurdjaja talk about her passion for her craft.


Upon visiting NYC I always tell people to seek out the non-touristy, non-chain restaurants. The dining in NYC is quite telling of our diverse, unique culture in the city and one of the things that I believe makes New York … well … New York. I am that person that has an ongoing excel grid with restaurants and bars broken out based on “go-to’s” and new spots to try all categorized with filters based on location, cuisine, “cool” things to know about the spot and even personal reviews.


I seek out the places that are underground, hidden gems or long standing tried and true places that are still hard to get a reservation at.

When you come to the city I recommend exploring a few neighborhoods while you’re here as you never know what you might find!

I personally love to have people start off on the westside of town when they arrive – here’s a snapshot at what a fun night would look like!

Head over to the Hudson River to get a glass of rose on the boat at Grand Banks, this is hands down a must visit spot. When the weather is just right it’s what I consider heaven to be like! If you time it right, enjoy a sunset view of downtown and the Statue of Liberty while noshing on fresh oysters before dinner.

Then head to up a few blocks to dinner at Hudson Clearwater, the entrance is hidden and you walk through a small patio into an open air kitchen and a dining experience that is so delightful you have to try it to understand. If you can, request to sit at the bar area at the kitchen – you’ll not only experience everything being prepared but you get a few extra “scraps” too from the chefs! Or if you can snag a seat at the bar at The Beatrice Inn order up one of their limited (i.e. there’s only 10 made a night!) off the menu animal burgers! It’s not on the menu so you have to be in the know and you can only get this in the bar, which is completely worth it! Enjoy with a glass of red or trust the bartenders who never steer me wrong.

Then head over to Tartine, a lovely little French bistro that has been around for ages, this BYOB gem has been on my “go-to” list for years and never disappoints. Pop over with a bottle of wine and enjoy one of the homemade desserts. The staff are incredibly friendly and make the best recommendations for a pastry or cake to go with any wine you bring in!

Following dessert a great cocktail will be needed. Head down to Little Branch, a small hidden cocktail joint situated right on one of the busiest streets in NYC. You won’t be able to miss the line of folks waiting to get in but it’s worth it! Once you make your way through the line you’ll head down a flight of stairs that open up to a small little cocktail bar with cozy booths, drinks shaking and often times live jazz music.

It’s the city that never sleeps so finish the night off at Arthur’s Jazz Bar – a local favorite that keeps the live jazz going until the wee hours of the night. It’s cash only too but completely worth it! You’ll feel as though you’re sitting in New Orleans with the men cranking away and belting out some fantastic beats.

While this is just a suggested itinerary and a very brief glimpse at the incredible experiences you can have in this city I cannot stress enough to go off the beaten path! It’s all about enjoying an amazing meal while seeing what this city has to offer and it delivers on the dining experiences, trust me!

I so hope you enjoy this foodie city of mine! xx


Note this post is in partnership with Open Table. I received a complimentary meal at Hundred Acres restaurant for writing this article. All opinions are authentically my own.


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