A quick escape to: Fredericksburg, TX

I’ve been living in Austin now for over six months and I had not given the surrounding areas much of a second thought in terms of day trips or weekend trips simply because I didn’t have the time.  I had been very focused on getting set up in Austin but now but that that is under my belt I’m excited to explore my new/old state. 

While I did grow up here, we did not spend much time exploring our end state. So when my mom and I decided to do a spontaneous get the heck out of Dodge escape, we didn’t want to get on a plane so you alternative was finding somewhere safe with plenty of outdoor Spaces for us to go to that was in driving distance. We found ourselves heading to Fredericksburg of all places! Located about an hour and fifteen minutes to and a 4 Hour drive. from Dallas Fredericksburg is a great weekend (or dare I say mid-week!) escape. 

Where to stay: 

Go with an AirBnB. There is no reason not to. Aside from there not being many hotels, with an Airbnb, you have a whole house to yourself and more times than not it is keyless/non-contact entry. 

We found a number of options in the area. All very charming! Some with front porches and some with firepits and some with both. You really can’t go wrong! 

We stayed at this one (link here) and while the house is very cute – they really did a great job with the cute touches like a front and back yard swing, a firepit, string lights, a record player etc we did have a major issue getting into our house and the backdoor lock was undone. I am not in partnership with this house and will always share with you guys the real experiences. I am sure that this was a glitch but it was our experience. 

I’m also sharing my whole list of great Fredericksburg stays that are located HERE.

Where to drink: 

Honestly I was incredibly impressed with the winery options out in the Fredericksburg area. Not only were they huge – I mean social distancing was thing here at all of these spots when they were built (well before 2020) but they are beautifully done, the staff were all warm and friendly and to my amazement, the wines were all quite lovely.

We had only planned to go to one vineyard as neither my mom or I are big drinkers so one seemed to be enough for this spontaneous road trip but so glad that we ventured to two! 

Baron’s Creek

This was our first stop becuae it had been highly recommended to us and luckily for us on a Tuesday it was empty. We grabbed a Texas sized charchuterie board, a bottle of sauvignon blanc and headed to their huge outdoor area in the back. They also have cute little Italian style villas that you can stay at overnight!

Signor Vineyards

When we informed my sister that we were heading to the hill country (about two glasses of wine into our afternoon at Baron’s Creek – sorry Steph!) she immediately said we needed to get to Signor. We lucked out by arriving a bit before the golden hour –  I was thrilled.

This property reminded us so much of Napa. Honestly with it’s perfect décor, big oak trees, fire pits and the silver bullet it really wasn’t missing anything. Add in the fact that it is a big, sprawling vineyard with a beautiful winery on property and I’m going to be a regular here.

Plus they have the absolute nicest team on hand to help you select wine!  Shout out to Katie – if you go there just get her, she’ll steer you in the right direction on your wine selections, dinner options and she gave me a fantastic laundry list of spots in Austin too. 

Torr Na Lochs Vineyards

I also ventured to Torr Na Lochs Vineyards on a separate weekend but including it here in the event you are doing a full Texas Hill Country visit because the sunsets here are absolutely beautiful.

Driving time from Austin: One hour and 15 

Where to eat: 

This one is a bit tricky. We didn’t want to eat inside so our options were a bit more limited however we found some amazing spots thanks to the sweetest waitress at Signor, Katie she gave us amazing options for local dining. I’m noting the ones we ate at and the ones she listed. One thing to take into consideration – you are in Texas, there are a lot of carb heavy and meat heavy locations BUT they (from my experience) all serve alternative options!

Ottos was great – both in door and outdoor dining options and the food was really delicious. 

Caliche coffee is the coffee shop to go to in town. From a perfect dirty chia to their assortment of breakfast goodies you really can’t go wrong!

The donut shop at the beginning of town is so good. You can’t miss it because it will inevitably have a line for the drive-thru – don’t worry though it doesn’t take too long! They’re quick!

Tubby’s Ice House was a great lunch spot located in downtown Fredericksburg. Their portions are large so we split a fantastic burger and fries while sitting on their huge outdoor patio area on bright colored picnic tables. They stock local beers on tap too which was a nice switch up from the wine we’d been drinking!


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