Finding the Motivation to Workout with Reebok

Reebok, Perfect Never, Fitness, MexicoStaying fit on the go is a topic I’m pretty open about especially given how much I travel. it’s a stress reliever, a mind clearer and so much more but most importantly? It’s that sense of accomplishment that I feel after whatever workout it is that I’ve just done … even the mediocre ones (hey, at least I went right?)

However, as with all things, even though I actually enjoy hitting the gym and doing different classes does not mean that I don’t experience the same struggles as everyone else. I’m not always motivated to go or I simply don’t have the time, most ridiculous excuse there is according to a friend of mine who happens to be a spin instructor. Per said friend who will remain anonymous, “you make time for the things that are important to you.” So I’ve pulled together the things that get me moving.

Schedule it – My schedule is all over the place so it’s rare that I can go at the same time every day but just as I do with meals, I evaluate my schedule on Sunday and mark down what class I’m going to or what time I want to go to the gym. If it’s on the schedule, I’m going.

Really struggling? I have a standing Tuesday morning workout that I’ve just inserted into my schedule with friends, we hold each other accountable and don’t want to let the other one down, it’s a guaranteed workout and bonus is that we can catch up not over a cocktail!

Treat yourself – Look, I know, it might not be a rich chocolate dessert but chic active wear is a big enough treat for me. Not to mention if you feel good going to the gym or hitting the beach for a morning yoga session imagine how great you’ll feel leaving. Which is why I’ve partnered with Reebok – their Perfect Never line was practically made for me and well my favorite girl Gigi is the face of the brand.

I wore a few of my favorite pieces from the collection on my recent trip to Mexico and had no less than 10 people ask about the outfit. To say that this criss cross dominatrix-esque sports bra isn’t my newest obsession is an understatement. I’m wearing it with everything. These Hayasu sneakers are great for my Body Conception and Switch workouts, they have support, traction and look bad a$$.

Be on the look out for more from Reebok and moi.

Change it up – I get bored real quick with the same routine, the same run and the same class all the time so I am constantly trying new things out. For my runs I do intervals, which I became addicted to thanks to Barry’s Bootcamp! Hit the gym at different times of the day, this will give you a chance to try out new machines or take over an actual area and do a workout you’ve seen online (this has been my go to as of late). I can’t stress enough about trying new classes, I’m loving Body Conceptions, Switch Playground (hello 20 different workouts done in 2 minutes each.) Killer.

Have a goal – The goal doesn’t have to be ‘get ready for bikini season’ but make a goal for yourself. For me it’s pretty simple, the end goal is to feel good.

Get the look: Reebok sneakers; Strappy Sports Bra; Studio Urban Instinct tights

Mexico, Reebok, Perfect Never, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect

Mexico, Reebok, Perfect Never, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect

Mexico, Reebok, Perfect Never, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect

Shop Reebok’s Perfect Never Line:

2 Responses
  • Sigute
    December 8, 2016

    I absolutely agree! I need a workout every few days or else I start to go crazy. And the best reward is cute gym clothes!! I love Reebok too and just picked up a fab pair of runner Xx

  • Chrystal Rose
    December 12, 2016

    These are such great tips! I especially love the one about scheduling your workouts. It’s great that you and your friends are accountability buddies!

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