Work Talk: Entrepreneurship & How I Stay Connected

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Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about what I do outside of being a content creator, which in fact happens to be my side hustle and thus personal passion project! But what do I do for a day job you ask? I was in PR for nearly 8 years before leaving to start my own consulting business where I now handle six clients in different capacities and I love it!

As an entrepreneur it is crucial that when I’m working from home (or anywhere!) that I am connected at every moment, luckily I’ve teamed up with Samsung  to share with you how I make it all happen!  Samsung SmartThings Wifi is a game changer for those of us multi-tasking our way through life. The system delivers whole home Wi-Fi coverage and complete smart home control – pretty cool right? I can control everything from the SmartThings App including my Wi-Fi and even my Samsung TV too.

The system allows for me to have reliable coverage no matter where I’m working at in my home.That means I have to have the best, top-notch connectivity in order to successfully run my own business and to be honest accomplish all of the never ending tasks I have with ease.

While I have set up a desk and proper work environment there are times when I want to be in the living room for more natural light, set up in my bedroom because I like editing photos in there or sometimes I’ll have my computer with me in the kitchen while I cook a meal.

But take it from someone who has learned from experience there is no roadmap to being an entrepreneur and running your own business but here are a few tips that I’ve learned along the way that helped me get it all done (and stay sane!) while I’m working from home!

  1. Get yourself connected with a reliable system like the Samsung SmartThings Wifi mesh network system. Running a digital business this is by far the most important thing you need to do and definitely the first priority! For me I rely on my laptop, our internet, and being able to move freely about the house, incorporating the system has made my connectivity speeds so much faster! Plus it looks quite chic with its all white, sleek look! You don’t even notice that it’s there.
  2. Put a schedule together. Seriously, schedule is everything. You need a routine when you’re working from home!
  3. Set up an actual work space. You don’t need a desk and full office but do get out of your bedroom and have a space that you can do work from. I use my kitchen table but it’s a great big desk spot and has a chair too
  4. Put a timer on to go through emails for one hour in the morning. Everything else needs to be work, I personally pop back into my email around 12.

Thanks for the Samsung SmartThings Wi-Fi hook up!


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