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dallasAdios New York, I’m off to Dallas for a little R&R, wedding dress shopping with my sister and a weekend that is sure to be filled with more eating and drinking than what should be considered acceptable! Dallas folks, any must visit spots that I need to know about?!

For my New Yorkers, we’ve been blessed beyond belief with incredible weather all week and it should be lasting through the weekend! So I’ve rounded up some of the best spots to hit up this weekend.

  • If you didn’t see it on my IG, Grand Banks had a surprise opening this week. Sip Rose on a boat at sunset? Yes please.
  • Head to Turkey’s Nest in Williamsburg for a Styrofoam cup and head to the park for a Sunday funday.
  • Grab brunch outside at Mission Cantina or Dudley’s
  • Have a date night on the books? Grab a seat at one of the few outdoors tables at Smith & Mills or Tiny’s in Tribeca for a beyond delicious meal
  • A bit of a no brainer but have your first picnic in Central Park this weekend
  • Take a little stroll and pop into Ylang23’s popup shop! They have been one of my favorite jewelry shops in Dallas for years and I’m elated to see them popping up this weekend in NYC!

Things to book for next week’s rainy weather:

  • Grab your gfs and head to Muse Paintbar’s newest location in Tribeca for a fun lil night of drinking and painting. Trust me, you’ll think you’re Picasso in no time after a few glasses of bubbly! Jenna and I did it last week and had a blast!
  • Book a masseuse to come straight to your house. Just download the SOOTHE app, pick which one you want and they can arrive in less than 2 hours to your apt. Go here to get $30 off your first massage!
  • OR … go with the tried and true … Netflix and chill.

Coming Up:

Colorist Katelyn Vaughn will be in NYC from May 1st – May 4th for all of my blonde girls who need to get their hair in shape and looking amazing for spring! She’s offering all II readers 25% off any service for first time clients!

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