What to Wear: Thanksgiving Day Dilemma

Trying to select a Thanksgiving day outfit appropriate enough for stuffing your face and not looking 9 months pregnant is about as easy as navigating the never ending mass of people at the airport on the Wednesday before the feast filled holiday. Since we’re a small family, we’re a bit more casual than some of the Thanksgiving dinners of year’s past. In lieu of dinner we do Thanksgiving day feasting. I love to cook so my time is spent in the kitchen working on everything from the turkey and stuffing to the pies and perfecting my meringue game.

While I typically know my menu a few weeks in advance the outfit is another conversation. Often times being pulled together the day before and when in Texas you never know what the weather will hold. Tights be gone that’s for certain. I love to opt for a skirt and sweater combination so that I don’t feel squished into jeans or pants and I still look super pulled together. This oversized cashmere turtleneck is perfect as it is wide and has a bit of room to it letting me graze all day and still feel cute.

I picked up both of these pieces at Unique Samples in Dallas but have rounded up similar pieces in the links below!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


Shop similar suede skirts below!


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