Wardrobe Refresh: Oh La La!!

pretty bright lacey things lingerie summer

I  admittedly have a minor obsession with beautifully constructed yet detailed lacey undergarments. Yes, my appreciation for something so gorgeous yet rarely seen may have stemmed from working on a French lingerie brand for many years or quite possibly it’s simply that I love anything lacey and delicate. This spring I kept seeing the bright, vibrant hued bras from some of my favorite designers, a little more bold than seasons past and with detailed construction that was yearning to be seen by the outside world. Here are a few of my favorites. Not sure how to don this look without feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (beginning scenes only of course!)??? 

These can be worn in a sexy yet classy chic way, if you will, all you need to do is have the confidence to own it. Layer one under a light flowy tank (a la #5 or #6), allow one of these beauties to peek out from under your button down (hint hint to #2 or #4; though caution here this is possibly nsfw if you’re in a more corporate environment!) or rock one under a sheer(ish) shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans or a pencil skirt (i’m looking at you #1 and #7.)

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