Valentine’s Day Love List

Valentine's Day Wishlist

Let’s be honest, a Valentine’s Day “wishlist” just isn’t that it’s more of a love list. It’s the little things that we likely aren’t running out to snag for ourselves (or maybe you are, no judgement here!) or your’re looking to pick up a little something for a friend, sister or whomever. Here are a my favorite pieces ranging from what to wear to ensure you don’t look like a 4th grader celebrating the holiday to some gifts that will win you major points depending on who you’re shopping for … gentlemen take note.

Happy Shopping! xx

  1. Emerson Fry set is the epitome of romantic with its airy lace and blue/grey color – well it’s just dreamy don’t you think?

  2. XOXO ring is a chic way to incorporate the holiday into your everyday outfit

  3. Arrow Ring gives a nod to Valentine’s day but I can gurantee you, I’d wear that all the time!

  4. Blush & Red tassel earrings are instant glamour to your look

  5. Blush silk slip sold soley on the fact that it is trimmed with “French Leavers Lace” oh la la

  6. Burlesque Rose well, the pink and gold packaging alone sold me.

  7. Nasty Gal “love me” necklace is a stylish gift option for less than $100

  8. Zinke Rosalie Robe is simply the most gorgeous robe I have ever seen. Apparently my sleep routine is hopeful for one luxe upgrade.

  9. Rose aviators to make sure that everything really does come up rosey every. single. day.

  10. Stella can do no wrong with this “Flirting” lingerie set.

  11. Update your correspondence with these adorably chic pink and gold ‘XOXO’ cards.

  12. Diptyque Limited Edition candle is a no brainer,  this will not only make your home smell delightful with scents of rose, but once it’s burned down use the container as decor.

  13. A super soft, chic tee is a shirt after my own heart, solely because it speaks to me (and every other southern girl I know)


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