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Square Cash, Travel Tip

I travel a lot. While I do go solo on trips here and there I’d say about 75% of the time I’m surrounded by friends, family or colleagues (aka fellow bad ass girl bosses.)  The hardest part about being on the go is trying to stay on top of and balance my finances, who is picking up the hotel bill because you can’t ask the front desk to split your week stay in Nicaragua between four credit cards. Or you’re at that incredibly cool brunch spot in London and the sign clearly says “we don’t split the bill.” Or you find an insane flight deal where a glitch in the airlines booking system has just resulted in a $300 RT flight to Bali, you book it for you and the other 3 crazy wanderlust travels babes in your life. All of those reward points that you’ve just got are fantastic but you need to bill the girls.

Enter Square Cash, the fab app that allows you to request or send monday for free to friends and family.  I’ve used other services before but there’s always a turnaround time on when the funds are going to show up in your account. Square Cash has made their service not only easy but you get your funds faster too – they give you the option for Instant Deposits that only come with a 1% fee (and venmo doesn’t offer instant!!) No fees for personal use and if you’re paying a vendor (hello freelancers, listen up!) there is only a 2.75% charge per transaction for business use. Think of all the money you can save in fees.

How it works:

  • The team designed a minimalistic app to ensure it was easy to use, see and work.
  • Once you setup your account, open the app, the green screen with the dollar sign immediately pops up and all you have to do is enter the dollar amount and choose if you’re going to “request” or “pay”
  • The app then accesses your contact list so you can send or request money from your friends
  • Square Cash has even given you a solution for when you’re in a situation with folks that might not be in your contact list – people you meet on road,  that cute guy you met in a surf lesson or the travel writer on your press trip – Square Cash lets you turn on the bluetooth feature to find people nearby.

Download the Square Cash app on your iPhone or Android in the app store!

**Thanks Square Cash for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.**


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