The II Travel Diary: Flight App Edition

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Over the past year I’ve hopped on more last minute, spontaneous flights than anyone else I know.  Travel has always been a passion of mine and fortunately is becoming an even bigger part of both my personal and professional life these days.

With so many continuously asking how I do it, I decided to start a travel series with my tips and tricks to booking a trip that won’t drain your bank account. Over the next month, I’ll be sharing the travel apps that that I rely on to get me out of the city and onto my next trip as easily as possible.

First up? Flights.

I love a great escape from the city, I get a sense of being rejuvenated but it’s more than that it’s about exploring a new place and experiencing another culture. While a number of my trips are planned out, I have made ‘last minute’ travel something of an art. In doing so though I have to be strategic and smart when it comes to hitting ‘go’ on one.  Prime example, I didn’t take my trip to Antigua because it was a must visit location (it was trust me) but it was that random Tuesday in January when my Hitlist notification popped up on my phone stating that I could fly to Antigua for $284 direct, roundtrip. Done. That trip was booked within hours.  

  • Hitlist
    • Forewarning: This app has single handedly changed my life. Download the app, start plugging in places you want to hit with or without exact dates in mind and every time a flight deal becomes available you get a notification.  It’s that easy.  Most recently, I had a notification for an eight day trip to Morocco pop up recently for under $700 round-trip. Setting the “Weekend Getaway” notifications up are also crucial. Paris for four days for $500? Oui oui! Now the question to ponder is how can I work remotely and just travel the world using this app!?
  • GTFO
    • This is the app for those very last minute, very unplanned moments when you just need to GET THE F. OUT of town. Open the app, put in your home airport and you’ll immediately get incredible flight deals to just about anywhere leaving in the next 24 hours.
  • Hopper  
    • Hopper is like a little magic 8 ball for travelers, it predicts the best times to book flights.  The best part about this app is truly that it’s looking out for you. The app tells you which flights to avoid because of annoyingly long layovers, airport changes and all. Glad to know that someone is looking out for me out there!
  • Momondo  
    • This app is one of the easiest to use. It’s straightforward with all of the filters you need to get a deal.
  • Skiplagged
    • Every traveler should become familiar with Skiplagged immediately. The desktop version has been a must hit of mine when trip planning for some time now but the site has now launched an app that is equally as helpful.  This gem will get you the cheapest ticket possible by finding holes using connecting flights. Yes, it is a slightly head-scratching concept but brilliant.  Example: You want to go from New York to Paris, that flight is absurd and expensive but a flight to Rome with a layover in Paris is a fraction of the price. Skiplagged shows this to you, you book it, miss you connection in Paris and enjoy your trip!

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