The Weekender: Taking on the Weekend

Killing it at the beach

Wow, talk about a whirlwind week! I was pleasently surprised that following a wonderful long weekend back home in Texas this week pretty much flew by. Though I won’t lie, I started following the Lake Austin Spa and Resort instagram and it is definitely making me crave another trip down to Austin. I mean who wouldn’t want to enjoy this gorgeous place?! Needless to say I’m missing Texas but being back home here in NYC hasn’t been too bad, especially when I’ll be hitting the beach this weekend followed by what should be quite the World Cup watch party on Sunday!

Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful one! Enjoy a few things to do, my fave links from the week and all of the little things I’m currently coveting below! {hint hint, they’re all on sale!}

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New Yorker’s  

  • The Philharmonic is back performing in Central Park this evening and Monday night so grab a blanket, a
  • bottle of wine and some snacks and enjoy a wonderful evening!
  • MOMA PS1 is back at it every single Saturday until September 6th so you can get your fill of music and art (and booze) in one place.
  • NYC’s best bagel (according to BuzzFeed’s tedious taste testing) is Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co. Interesting.
  • Birchbox opened up it’s highly anticipated first brick and mortor store in SoHo, complete with a BYOB (build your own box!) station! Love it!
  • Celebrate Bastille Day on Sunday at the Montmarte party {oui! oui!}
  • Whip up Momofuku’s Crack Pie whenever you want it. {Yes, you read that correctly}
  • A side shout out to my dear friend Laura whose film The Living just won “Best Dramatic Feature” at the Manhattan Film Festival. Solid proof that busting your ass gets you places!

Good reads:

  • This week I was introduced to Maria Brito’s blog Out There and am hooked. This is one that is definitely worth adding to your reading list!
  • At work, listening to music {currently a bit obsessed with the Sam Smith station on Pandora} is part of my daily routine, I need to focus and often times it’s either that or locking myself in a conference room so that I’m less tempted to join in on that wildly unnecessary 30 minute conversation about why Kim K posted yet another half naked selfie on instagram. This Fast Company article gives it to you straight on just how music affects your productivity.
  • That’s a wrap! The Fall ‘14 Couture Shows just ended in Paris and I must say that both the Chanel and Dior shows were spectacular. Per usual.
  • I’m setting up shop and will be selling some of my threads online very soon {more details to come next week} but this article helped me determine just how to go about getting rid of it all!
  • SATC set designer reimagines Carrie Bradshaw’s coveted, unforgettable apartment
  • Yes, this does sound like a dream job. Where can I sign up??
  • This summer lentil salad from Sacramento Street is the easiest and tastiest dish I’ve made all season long. Definitely worth a try!
  • As was this summer bruschetta recipe from Bright Bazaar was perfect for a recent dinner party!

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