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Beauty, Travel, OrganicI’ve been “torturing” my skin this winter with all of the travel going from 80 degree weather in Dallas to – 12 in CO to Antigua and back to blizzard like conditions in NYC. So much so in fact that I’ve had to tweak my beauty routine while on the road to ensure I’m keeping my skin properly hydrated, well taken care of and am not forgetting the small areas such as my cuticles and lips. Below you’ll find what I’m packing these days when I’m on the go. I’d love to hear what your must-have beauty products are when you’re traveling!

Farmaesthetics On-The-Go travel set has been one of my greatest beauty discoveries to date. I gifted a few pieces to friends for Christmas and snatched up this travel set prior to my Art Basel trip. The variety of options in this set make for the ideal beauty routine for the road. A few of the products focus on keeping your skin hydrated, which for me is huge because my skin gets dry from flying so much!

Pinrose perfumes are without a doubt a new personal favorite. I’ve been a Chanel and Chloe perfume addict forever and it’s been time to shake things up for a while. What I love about Pinrose is they pride themselves on ensuring you’re matched with a scent that fits you using their online quiz that matches customers to a Pinrose scent using the science of synesthesia (Don’t worry I didn’t know that either. The gals at Pinrose informed me that it is a neurological condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensory sensation of another. Now drop that lil piece of knowledge at the dinner table!) I matched with two scents and decided to purchase a trial package of complementary scents to test all of them out, now I drop them in my carry on bags every time I head out on another trip!

Makeup Forever has an incredible selection of primers, which are great no matter what climate I am in. I used the moisturizing one while skiing, the equalizer for everyday and the hydrating primer most recently in Antigua.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve have saved my dry lips this season for sure but I also found out that you can use it as a sunburn eraser, dry skin healer and so much more. Love me a little multi-tasker!

Stowaway Defined Lash mascara may be tiny but it packs a punch. I’ve actually traded out my expensive Dior Showstopper for this guy. My lashes have never looked better and the best part? I don’t get massive clump of black mascara! Win win!

Stay Well Kept wipes are not 100% beauty related but a clean phone screen will only help keep your face that much cleaner! I carry these little wipe packs in every bag I own and use them for my cell phone, my sunglasses, even my camera lenses.

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