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Imperfect Beauty x Clairol,As of late, I’ve been traveling a significant amount to say the least. With all of the travel, as much as I love it, well there are some things that fall off the radar … such as personal care. My eyebrows are slightly overgrown, my workout routine is questionable at best, I could for sure use one heck of a facial but likely the number one thing I worry with is my hair color. I’m a blonde but a dirty blonde by birth and a blonde blonde by dye.

Confession time … I’ve only colored my own head of hair a few times. Once was an epic disaster in retaliation to my then boyfriend laughing hysterically at my 6 inches of roots while I lived abroad in France. This decision in the tiny town of Vichy resulted in a head of maroon colored locks that were simply put a devastating beauty plunder. The other times well they weren’t much more of a success!

However given that I was going to be traveling all the way up until my sister’s wedding, I knew I needed to give the at-home hair coloring process one last go because time was simply not on my side. After much research I decided to go with a three-step process from Clairol to create the superior natural look I’ve always strived to achieve.  

This was without a doubt the easiest hair coloring experience. So much so that I’m likely doing my own hair from here on out.  

I used Clairol Natural Instincts 9 (Light Blonde) Sahara as a toner all over my hair and Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Hairpainting for the highlights to achieve that perfect blonde color I love. Keep in mind, if you’re questioning what color you need, you can find your perfect hair color shade at your local Walmart or at


Prep work:

You should do a strand and patch test 48 hours in advance of doing your whole head. Make sure to prep your bathroom or space well and always use the gloves they provide you. I also recommend wearing a robe or an article of clothing that you won’t mind dropping color on – so put away that gorgeous sweater!

Tip: When doing a strand test, pull a section of hair out from underneath, use that small section of hair and go through the color processing steps as though you are doing your whole head.

First up: All over toner

To reset the overall color on my hair – since it had been MONTHS since I’d put color on it, I used Clairol Natural Instincts, which you can do anytime really. It’s great for a quick boost in color in between your highlights, or for just all over color. Natural Instincts is great for those ladies who are new to coloring their hair at home or have never colored their hair because it is semi-permanent. Follow the instructions – mix the Color-Enhancing Colorant (#1) into the Color Activating Créme (#2), add it all over to your head (I like to spread it out in sections to ensure I get every strand!) Work it through, then wait 10 minutes.

 Imperfect Beauty x Clairol,

If you’re using the color to cover up those pesky resistant grays, add an extra 5 minute wait time to the process.

Imperfect Beauty x Clairol,

Rinse thoroughly with shampoo – I personally like to do two shampoos and then condition your hair with the Color Treat Conditioner . While I don’t often use conditioner all over my head, I would use it this time. You want to make sure that you keep your freshly colored locks healthy. Rinse out and dry as normal. Do not put in any additional products as you’ll be adding in the highlights next.  

Imperfect Beauty x Clairol,

Next up: Highlights!

I did the painting highlights, which might seem intimidating but the process was quite easy. 48 hours prior, do a strand test to help you determine what your color will look like. Follow the instructions in the box! From there it’s a three-step process – the step-by-step could not be easier.

Imperfect Beauty x Clairol,

Apply the highlights.

II tip: I still had enough of an idea where my highlights were so I painted in those particular areas first and filled in where I felt necessary.  

Relax but continue to keep the timer going! Make sure to always follow the times noted in your box!

Finish with a rinse and shampoo followed by their Color Treat Conditioner – what I am admittedly addicted to and openly will tell everyone it’s the best conditioner for colored hair I’ve used. I actually have been known to purchase hair color and use this conditioner after my salon highlights – don’t tell!



A few key tips and details below.

  •  As with any type of dye make sure you apply your color somewhere such as your bathroom where you can prep everything properly ​and ​limit ​any movement while the dye is setting – prime opportunity to sit on your couch and chill. Please note, if your hair is longer than shoulder length, loosely twist hair and secure with a plastic clip.
  • Follow directions!!! I know I’m the kind of person that gets distracted but take it from someone who has done this, it’s super simple and easy to do if you just follow the rules!
  • Make sure to get the product through your hair as quickly as possible by putting it on towel-dried hair.
  • For both products leave on for 10 minutes and rinse – this is crucial ladies! If it says 10 minutes it means 10 minutes!
  • Always remember that if it starts out a little too dark, know that every time you shampoo it will lighten!  

Imperfect Beauty x Clairol,

Imperfect, Beauty x Clairol,


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