The Carry-On Must Haves

Confession time, I used to be an atrocious carryon packer (and flyer for that matter if we’re getting real honest.) Efficient packing was not my thing, I couldn’t pack efficiently to save my life and even worse I packed too much and hated to fly.

But over the years that have been filled with countless flights and more lost luggage than I care to think about I’ve become somewhat of a outfit planner and moreso an efficient packer. When it comes to my carry on I don’t mess around. I was left to spend 10 epic days in Fiji a while back sans luggage so you better believe my carry-on these days has everything that I need.  Whether it is a long-haul flight or a weekend trip these are the things I never jet off without.

First – Find Your Bag

This Paravel Hi/Bye collapsible stowaway bag has been something of an unexpected go to these days. Smitten with it at first sight yes but I didn’t know if it was “practical” well I was wrong. I tested it against my standard weekend bag and was able to not only fit more in here but was also able to do it in a far more organized fashion.

Also did you catch that it collapses?! I carried it on in Australia and wound up folding it down into my suitcase on the way back (only because I had to buy another suitcase due to my Australian purchases!)

Shot at The Little Albion Guest House, Sydney 

Next up? The necessities

Once an airline loses your luggage while you’re practically stranded on a private island – sounds romantic and fantastic right?! It’s not. – you quickly realize what you absolutely, 100% must have packed in a carry on. Hello underwear, swimsuits and one outfit.

I love Only Hearts little bras (they’re super comfy)and always pack two Hanky Pankys– their rolls are perfect to pop into a bag! A pair of vintage cut-offs and a top are a non-negotiable.

And since I’m 90% of the time going to a beach I ALWAYS pack one bikini and a one-piece. They’re small and roll up easily to fit into any size bag. Plus don’t forget you get 20% off with code ASHLEY on these suits!

Creating my calm

No matter how long the flight is I want to tune out all (and I mean ALL) of the surrounding noise on a plane, much like I do on a daily basis on the subway! But I never leave home without my Noise cancelling headphones. These will go down as one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received and they work like a dream. I pop on either my “taking off” Spotify playlistof jams ranging from Dean Lewis to Maggie Rogers or my Calm Appthat has a variety of meditation playlists for sleep, anxiety, stress and even a flying one too.

Skincare non-negotiables:

It’s no secret that the recycled air on a plane is HORRIFIC for your skin not to mention drying as all heck so I always carry with me items that are super hydrating!

I’m currently completely hooked on the pre-flight, In-flight and post-flight skincare routinefrom Elemis.  I have been using a number of their products including their magical undereye(the must must have for any flight!) and their marine collagen creamis hands down one of the most revitalizing, enriching creams I’ve used.

Shot at The Little Albion Guest House, Sydney 

Pack it all  chicest TSA approved clear makeup bagever from Hudson + Bleecker. I also am obsessed with their

I more times than not am going from the airport to hopefully the hotel to drop my bags and off to explore or do meetings so I need to look put together and that includes my hair. I’ve been a big t3 user for a while, their hair dryer is unbelievable but I’m now packing their Mini straightener with me in my carry-on from here on out. This little gem is compact, easy to take with and lets me do either straight hair or waves. Talk about a multi-tasker. For longer trips I pack their mini hairdryer because it’s really great for your hair and isn’t harsh like many of the hotel room dryers are! Full hair-tutorial coming soon with straightener waves! Shop my t3 mini picks right HERE.

Keep your self occupied:

Sure I never leave home without my computer, I could write posts, edit photos or do client work all damn day and night but when I’m on a flight I look at it as an opportunity to do something else.

Yes yes even with wifi available I try to shut down because I know once I land my phone and camera are out A LOT. So I scoop up magazines (especially when flying home), I journal or recently I’ve been taking this Mini coloring book & colored pencilswith me on flights – absolutely hooked.

Shot at The Little Albion Guest House, Sydney 

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