285859d3ec25e5a361ecdffa66276db2And just like that we’re back to our good old friend Friday. Summer weekends in the city are pretty quiet, which is a refreshing shift from the day to day harried pace we typically operate at. So while I would love to be at the beach I’ll gladly take a weekend to have catch up brunches {finally hitting up Two Hands} and dinners {Root & Bone and JWF I’m coming for ya!} with friends, hit a Yankees game and take in a film during the LESFF. Solid weekend if I do say so myself. Given that it’s supposed to be a questionable weekend at best weatherwise in NYC, I’ve round up some of my favorite DIY ideas and recipes below! Put on a good movie and get to making something wonderful friends! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

New Yorker’s:

For the makers:

Good Reads:


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