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Between starting my own company and running my blog my days are jam packed beyond belief with meetings, workouts, calls, events and A LOT of flights. Not to mention most of the time I’m quite literally running around NYC on foot or via the ever-so-lovely subway. Therefore this new, very wonderful life of mine now requires an extra level of help to stay feeling fresh on a daily basis. Luckily for me Secret Deodorant has just launched a brand new patented Fade-Resistant Scent Technology in their Secret Fresh Collection.

The new technology is a lifesaver for those of us who feel there are not enough hours in the day because it has been shown to combat nose blindness and provide long lasting fragrance for up to 48 hours.

Secret, Stress Test, Girl Boss,

That alone deserves a hallelujah emjoi am I right?! So since it’s new and I’m all about trying a new product that can help get me through the day a bit fresher I tested Secret Fresh deodorant out while here in NYC and on the road. The result? Amazing but read on to see my thoughts on each somewhat stressful situation.


6 AM Start to the day at Body Conceptions

Most mornings in NYC start with a solid workout at Body Conceptions, the high-energy dance cardio class is my absolute favorite way to get the day started but it’s not without a bit of stress. Nothing worse than jumping on the 1 train and starting your day with a bit of NYC funk. Hence the excitement I had when I found that Secret’s new Cool Waterlily scent was so lovely – it’s a clean fragrance mixing the nuanced floracy of the lily with the unique green lily pad middletones. Basically you feel like you’re in a luxury spa – even 50 ft underground.

Secret, Stress Test, Girl Boss,

9:30 AM Meetings, calls and more calls.

Since my primary office is at my home I find keeping fresh flowers around brings a little more life to my space – and how GORGEOUS are these orchids from FTD? Not only are orchids my absolute favorite but this arrangement absolutely blew my mind, take note friends I’ll be sending these over to everyone this year!  Even with little touches like flowers around my office I still feel that I’m at an office because I rarely get up. My schedule is so hectic at times that I’ll find myself on calls for 4 hours and planning for another 4 so I want to make sure that the one time a day I’m up and out of the office that I’m still feeling and smelling my freshest. Which I always know I will because the one thing I have to put on after a shower is my Secret Fresh deodorant.

Secret, Stress Test, Girl Boss,

8 PM Networking event at the New Museum

Even on the most harried of days I still find that I have nightly events to attend so I take a little me time before I head out the door, I decompress, maybe even do a little meditation. On the days that I don’t have time for that I use 21 drops, which has become an important part of my routine. It’s a modern take on essential oil therapy and because the oils are perfectly blended they work in synergy to deliver a targeted promise for a healthier mind and body. I’m currently hooked on the Detox oil. It smells heavenly.

Secret, Stress Test, Girl Boss,

On the road:

7:30 AM Flying in a tiny plane (yikes!)

Super early morning stress is the worst but even worse that than are early morning flights on tiny planes. Hello stress!

Secret, Stress Test, Girl Boss,

Secret, Stress Test, Girl Boss,

1:30 PM beachside meetings

Sure it sounds glamourous … meetings on the beach …  but take it from me there is nothing more stressful than sitting in the sun, sweating while trying to sell in an idea to the CEO of a company. High stress in the caribbean is a real thing. Two things that help keep me calm?  Smelling like a normal person, which I do even in the 90 degree weather with Secret Fresh and smooth legs … hear me out on this. What could be worse than sitting in an already uncomfortable meeting with stubbly legs? Yikes. So I rely on and have for a long time TreeHut’s Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil. As I’ve said before this product is a god send, since I’ve started using it my skin is so smoother than ever before and I’ve steered clear of nicks and cuts.

Secret, Stress Test, Girl Boss,

The post is in partnership with Secret Fresh deodorant Collection, all opinions are my own.


2 Responses
  • Cary Caster
    March 2, 2017

    Thank you for the 21 drops love. We’re so happy you had a great experience with the product. Please keep in touch and let us know which blends you’d like to try next. Be your best self, Cary & the 21 drops team.

    • ashleynelson
      March 5, 2017

      Thank you so much Cary! I’ll definitely be in touch!

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