Staying Healthy this Holiday Season: Tips from NYC’s Top Trainers

Impossibly Imperfect, Fitness, Healthy, Gurney'sThanksgiving is without a doubt one of my favorite holidays. While I’ll be whipping up my treasured bourbon chocolate pecan pie come Thursday I also want to attempt to stay somewhat on track and to keep up what I’ve been putting a lot of hard work into over the past year. And I know all too well that I’ll throw any sort of self-control right out the window once I get started so I asked a few of my favorite trainers in the city to dish on their top tips to help us stay motivated and healthy this holiday season.

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© 2015

Mahri Relin founder of Body Conceptions and Athleta Ambassador

Navigate the pitfalls before they start.

It may sound obvious but plan ahead. Look at your schedule ahead of time, try going to the gym before work. Add classes to your schedule so that you are committed in advance to showing up. This will allow you to enjoy your holiday experience so much more!

Don’t be influenced by the moment.

If food is your vice during the holidays, look at the menu before entering those doors. Try to resolve that you will choose healthier options when and where possible. Don’t go starving or thirsty, both of these are a lethal combination for overeating.

Hangout with healthy people.

We know you can’t do a lot about that grandmother who is handing you slice after slice of her famous chocolate cake but you can surround yourself with healthy, likeminded friends. Take classes together with friends, switch out a brunch with a workout or set up a morning sweat session in lieu of evening happy hour.

Be gentle on yourself.

The all-or-nothing mindset about health and fitness can be very damaging this time of year. When you are overly strict with yourself you tend to think of your choices as either good or bad. Allow yourself to have fun and then gently get back on track after that.

Mahri has quickly become a force in my life and I can actually credit the development of my abs to her BoCo method. She’s also teaching in Denver and Boulder two weeks a month so sign up here!

ashley-wilkingAshley Wilking, Personal Trainer, ASHFIT, Fitness Instructor, Barry’s Bootcamp  and Indie Fresh Ambassador

Plan Ahead

The holidays are busy and the easiest way to feel discouraged is a derail in your routine. Book your workout that morning and plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. Office party Thursday night, get your sweat in early? Day filled with holiday shopping, plan your pit stops for healthy snacks.

Make it fun

Let’s be honest, trips back home for the holidays can be fun, and a struggle. Hometown gyms can be tough to navigate and plan, when you’re used to your fully planned 1-Hour Barry’s Bootcamp. My advice? Skip the gym, head outdoors and bring a friend. Find your local hiking trails. Are there bike rentals nearby? When was the last time you went to the skating rink? Get moving and make it fun!

Focus on how you feel

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told myself, “No sweets” when walking into a holiday party. 9 times out of 10, I’ve had the cookie. Guess what? I survived! My biggest form of motivation to stay on track, is to ask myself how something makes me feel. Did it make me happy? Then I shouldn’t feel guilty. But if that extra slice of pie will make me feel terrible. It makes it easier to say no.

Follow Ashley’s Instagram, not only will you drop that slice of pizza immediately but you’ll crave to be a cool girl fit girl like her, trust me!


Colin Turek, Fitness Expert and NYC Ambassador for The Dailey Method

Light-up your metabolism

After a challenging workout our metabolism burns bright for hours after the actual sweat. On days when you know your nutrition will be on the festive side, be sure to get a moderate to high intensity workout in. You’ll enjoy the after-burn even as you feast. In your workout, focus on full body exercises, be sure to activate the larger muscle groups, and raise your heart rate. You’ll be a holiday burning inferno.

Master your hunger!

Arriving famished to your next holiday party could be a recipe for disaster.  Being excessively hungry can cause us to binge eat, taking in way more calories than if we’d eaten sensibly throughout the day. Put something healthy in your belly beforehand, and you’ll be less inclined to hover over the cheese tray. Also, be mindful of the sugar in your glass and don’t over do it with the food portions. At mealtime, put the veggies and lean protein on your plate first, then fill in the empty spaces sparingly with other goodies.

Come from a place of gratitude

There is so much to be grateful for during the holidays, including our health. Practicing gratitude for your strong and beautiful body during the holiday season can help keep your wellness a priority – an even bigger one than that second piece of pie!

Colin might be one of the best people in the world, he managed to keep his head on with 8 girls during this past weekends’ Wellthily escape AND busted out all of my favorite jams as I was dying while doing more leg work than a dancer to achieve that highly coveted “dancer dent.”

Katherine Grenier, KG BodyKatherine Greiner, Founder of KG Body, Fitness Expert and Athleta Ambassador

Load up on H2O

Increased alcohol and sugar consumption can suck the life out of your skin – drink tons of water and use a jade face roller ($7-$15 on amazon) to stay hydrated and stimulate lymphatic drainage in the face. This will reduce puffiness and create a rosy complexion

Add these guys to your meals!

Add cilantro or ground fennel seed to your diet – they are natural diuretics and will help fight water retention and bloat, and double up on a good probiotic. I like “trust your gut” from -it’s organic, plant based and shelf stable AND has a prebiotic in it! (Probiotics don’t work unless taken with a prebiotic food or capsule). You can’t overdose on a probiotic and with all the holiday eating you’ll need some extra gut support.

Follow along with Katherine as she bounces and juggles life between the east coast and west coast making you inevitably a bit jealous of all those sunset workout sessions she’s getting in on the west coast!










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