Let’s start with a simple “hello” + a snapshot at what services I offer!  

Wardrobe cleansing and closet curating

Anyone can attest to the fact that tackling a closet is one of the most challenging tasks we have to do. Do you keep this? Toss that? Will it come back into style? I step in to help asses your closet – determining what you should keep, donate or resell. During this initial cleanse I will concurrently  do a full audit of what you have, what you need to invest in (essentials!!) and create a recommended list of items to integrate into your wardrobe.  

Closet organizing

This is for those gals who get overwhelmed just opening the door to their closet. For those who don’t know where to begin when pulling together looks. This is an opportunity to create foundations and make your closet a bit more accessible and less daunting.

Event dressing

Between the now never-ending wedding season, charity galas, parties, red carpet events, high school or college reunions and themed events the need for special occasion looks is constantly growing.  I will work with you to help you find the perfect look all to fit in your budget.

Want to do long distance?!

Even if you don’t live in or around New York or Dallas we can still work together. I can facilitate each of these services remotely thanks to Skype dates, FaceTime chats, emails and more! For inquiries and to set up a consultation, just drop me a line at


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