The secret to my lush locks with RPZL

The sheer number of inquiries on my hair over the last two months has been staggering.  The number one question I have received is why. “your lob was so cute, why would you get extensions??” Well honestly? Because why not. I’m kind of kidding, kind of not. About two years ago I decided to hop on the pastel hair trend and dyed my hair a beautiful shade of bright pink. Stephanie Nelson actually did the dye job and I could not have been more in love with my cotton-candy colored hair – unfortunately my employer at the time wasn’t in love with it as much as I was.

So a week after going pink, I was given the ultimatum … my CMO called me into her office and said “We love you Ashley but we can’t have our Director of PR running around with pink hair.” At that moment in time I should have just up and walked out – I work in a creative industry and second life is about self-expression, if I wanted pink hair I should have been allowed to have it. However, being the 20-something that I was I panicked and went straight to my hair girl and back to platinum blonde I went.

When taking your hair from dramatic to drastic in record time you must be prepared for repercussions. For me it was my hair losing its life. I’ve been struggling to get it back to a healthy long length for quite some time now and it just won’t budge. It doesn’t matter what I drink, eat, inhale, nada … nothing works and I was ready to have long hair again.

Enter in RPZL – the blow out and extension gods of NYC. I have been a very vocal fan of  RPZL’s blowout salon for a while now. They don’t shove product down your throat, they don’t burn your scalp, they have a very friendly, very well educated staff and even more of a draw … it doesn’t’ feel like an assembly line in there.

After realizing that I had three back to back weddings, three major trips and the desire to do more to my hair these days I decided to partner up with RPZL on extensions for the very first time. I’ve had clip in’s but never the semi-permanent ones.

Below is my run down on everything you need to know when getting extensions for the first time.

Clip ins or tape ins?

This is a big decision. I have had amazing clip ins before and loved them, they’re fun, easy to pop in and work great if you just want to have some fun. The tape ins extensions are more for when you’re ready to take the leap and really commit. I recommend trying clip ins (or a fun ponytail extension like these from RPZL) first then assess how much you enjoy them. They are made with the highest quality 100% Virgin Remy Hair.

What were my concerns?

Don’t worry I had plenty of concerns and I’m sure many of mine are the same ones that you have too. The biggest one for me was ensuring that I wasn’t going to do any more damage to my hair than I had with the coloring job a few years ago. Tiffany at RPZL put me at ease, we talked through what my options were. She was so knowledgeable on each of them and really put me at ease. I went with the Keratin 2.0 ones after talking everything through with my “Headmaster”

Your color looks amazing! I can’t believe they’re extensions, are they really?

Yes they are without a doubt extensions. RPZL spends the time to sit with you to evaluate your hair and perfectly color match your extensions to your hair. We did two shades of blonde to seamlessly match them to my existing color. Flawless was the way I described it.

How long does it take?

From start to finish I was at RPZL for four hours. Yes it may seem like a long time but I’ll say I was more productive in those four hours that day than I was any other day that week. I took my laptop and knocked out 300+ emails because I couldn’t be distracted with calls. Productive + bombshell hair? Yes please.  At  RPZL their service Includes shampoo, customized tape hair, application, and blending, followed by a stylish blowout.

How long do they last?

Two months. Don’t even attempt to go any longer!

Is it painful?

Not at all!


They have a unique method that is fast, damage-free, weightless, and comfortable, resulting in what they call a “Double Dose of Gorgeousness.” Which in fact it does!  I loved their extensions because they are invisible to the eye, undetectable to the touch, and extremely strong.

How do you care for your hair?

There is no special treatment needed, it’s human hair so you treat it just as you would with your own hair. Tiffany at RPZL did recommend to wash my hair a bit less often and only apply conditioner to the ends of my hair as opposed to my whole head.

What do I wish I had thought about before getting extensions?

How much time goes into doing my hair now! I love (actually I’m obsessed) with my extensions and have so many fun ways in which to do my hair now but I definitely have to leave an extra hour to do my hair these days! Case in point – check out all of my fun hairstyles that I’ve been able to do with long hair! A special thanks to RPZL for the bombshell locks.






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  • Janelle
    October 3, 2017

    Girlllllll I had NO idea that those were extensions!!! I’m obsessed!

  • Brooke
    October 4, 2017

    YOUR HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! Definitely have me considering hopping on this ext. train too!!!

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