Red, White & Blue


The July 4th holiday is quickly approaching which means BBQs, beers, pooltime and a fun long weekend to top it off! I like to get in the spirit of the holiday just a bit and this year I’ll be branching out of my normal July 4th uniform of cut-offs and a cute shirt with this little patriotic Joie dress. Just the ticket for a beach BBQ and some serious firework action! Details below on how to recreate this super simple braid that Stephanie Nelson Makeup and Hair whipped up on me in under 8 minutes!

Get the look:  Joie Tilde Dress {on sale here} // Wedges {old; love these similar ones!} // Vintage clutch {similar here and here} // Karen Walker sunnies from Ditto’s Endless Eyewear program


Easiest braid how-to ever:

  • Use Sexy Hair volumizing dry shampoo to add texture and volume to hair
  • Create multiple small/skinny braids
  • Then take and twist back each one, weaving them together into a regular, full braid
  • Finish by tying the hair into a knot at the end
  • Seal the  look with a good solid spray of the Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder to lock everything in and keep it looking great in the relentless Texas humidity!


Beauty Deets: Long lasting foundation {incredible and stayed on in the Texas heat!} // Contouring bronzer {I don’t leave home without it!} // MAC Rich Lipstick in Ladies Who Lunch // Faux tan life saver // Bellamihair extensions in Biolauge 220 weight


Test run my Karen Walker sunnies  using Ditto’s Endless Eyewear program that allows you to have unlimited designer sunnies sent to your home each month so you can switch them out just like you do with Rent the Runway outfits! That means any pair you want and as many swaps as you want for only $19/month. Do yourself a favor and sign up HERE and get your first month free.

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Photography by Jasmine Adisbeth // Makeup and Hair by Stephanie Nelson Makeup and Hair


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