Recreating the look: Indian Summer

Indian Summer How To, Beauty PostOn Monday, I shared the stunning shoot I did in Texas a little while back and today, thanks to so many inquiring about how to recreate the hair and makeup that my ridiculously talented makeup artist managed to whip up on me. I loved how she played up my hazel eyes with the vibrant purple hued shadows and created lush beach waves interwoven in with a loose french braid wrapped just right.  I know what you’re thinking if we all just had makeup artists and hair stylists for sisters we’d be golded. I swear she whipped this look up in about 10 minutes. I can tell you that this will be seen hitting the streets this fall with my chunky fall grandpa sweaters and leather skinnies.


  1. Use the Smashbox 24 hr eyeshadow primer to ensure long lasting eye makeup & vibrant pigmentation
  2. With a fluffy brush (my favorite is MAC 224) buff Cocoa Bear in the crease
  3. Using a flat brush (suggested MAC 239) pack Bitter all over the lid just to the crease. Then with your fluffy brush take a little more Cocoa Bear to blend
  4. Rim the inner waterline with the pencil then blink so the product is deposited on the upper waterline as well.
  5. Line the lash line with a black long lasting gel eyeliner to intensify the coloration
  6. Add a couple coats of mascara plus some dense and dark lashes
  7. Finish by sweeping the Bite Beauty lip lacquer along the lip area
  8. To complete the eyes, fill in your brows using this genius brow kit
  9. The basics? This sheer glow foundation is my jam.


  1. Start by spritzing a sea salt or texturizing spray all throughout the hair then brush it out & scrunch
  2. Section hair and use the NuMe curling wand to create semi tight curls all throughout the hair
  3. Leave the curls to set, and once they are cooled, run your fingers through to create more volume & to break up the ringlets
  4. Lift hair near the root, in no particular fashion, and spray a boosting spray. This will create lasting volume, texture, and hold without the need to tease
  5. French braid a one inch piece back on both sides to secure in the back with a bobby pin
  6. Use bobby pins to secure the hair & create a decorate shape (we used a triangle)

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Indian Summer How To

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