Quarantine @ Home: Keeping Date Nights Going

I’m a hopeless romantic. I love date nights, I love getting dressed up a bit cuter than usual and going out somewhere fun with the BF, maybe to listen to jazz, grab drinks at a new cocktail spot, whatever it may be I’m there for it. Even more so because we live in NYC so there is literally always something to do. I know not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to see their significant others during this time and I’m incredibly grateful to all of those who are on the front line working to keep us safe and healthy and all of the essential workers as well.

For me this time has been hard, staying home so much but knowing that there is no other option so I’m getting creative with the date nights because it is far too easy to slip into a routine and watch yet another episode of something on Netflix (we’re currently watching Ozarks, Fleabag season 2 and The Morning Show!). So here we go. I’d love to know what you guys are doing with your boyfriends, husbands, girlfriends, whatever to keep it fun and not mundane during all of this stay at home time!!! I’ll keep adding to the list to as long as you guys keep sending ideas!

Cook a new recipe together – Yes this may seem obvious but it’s been a lot of fun to try out new recipes. I love being in the kitchen, it’s very therapeutic to me so this has been a great two in one activity! I’ve been pulling recipes from Serena Wolf’s Dude Diet Dinnertime cookbook and from my Healthy Eating and Delicious Pinterest Boards!

  Do a workout together – This has been by far one of the more comical things we’ve done to date. CG is not a dancer but he was a good sport doing a DanceBody workout with me recently and truthfully it was a blast. Next up? An online Peloton class, wish us luck!

Set up a double date night– We are incredibly social people and definitely missing our friends. We realize we’re very lucky to have each other but being around friends is so much fun, plus it’s a little something different! We’ve done Houseparty trivia nights with friends, Zoom Happy Hours and we’re even doing a dinner party with two couples next week! Plus you have a reason to get dressed up a little!

Do a cocktail making class together or better yet pull some drink recipes and do a cocktail making challenge. I’ve been using cocktail recipes from some of our favorite bars around the world from my Tenth on Hudson client, EMBARK Beyond that have also allowed us to transport ourselves back to London, Mozmbique, Dallas and South Africa. Ensue wanderlust now!

Tune into a Comedy Club! We attempted to tune into Twitch’s Hold The Phone,a recommendation from a friend but typical older millennial couldn’t get it to work LOL! So instead gave The Comedy Club a go and it was awesome!

Bust out the games! We’ve been playing a few different card games including Monopoly Deal which is actually great to play with just two people!!

Watch John Krazenski’s Something Good TV or livestreams of world famous shows from Cirque du Soleil to The London Theater or go to the museum.

Go for a walk – If we can’t be with our friends we can be outside responsibly together. We put on masks and gloves for a walk around the neighborhood and walked by a few of our favorite spots.

If nothing else, order takeout from your favorite date spot if they’re still open, get a great bottle of wine, put some cute clothes on and no TV. Absolutely no tv and you’re helping keep your favorite spots in business during this time too! Wins all around!






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