Quarantine @ Home Ideas to Keep You Sane

For someone as social as I am, being home in quarantine for this length of time has me wanting to host every single friend of mine the second we’re done with this social distancing thing though what will our new norm be? Will elaborate 12 person dinner parties be a thing of the past? How much longer will our lives be stuck in this little weird space that we’re in? Are we going to be cautious as to how many friends we hang out with IRL moving forward? The answers to these questions may be up in the air at the moment but we’ll navigate it all as it evolves just like we have.

However, in the meantime I’m rounding up some fun ideas to keep us entertained during quarantine because as much as I love my glass of wine I can’t do 7 zoom happy hours a week! So I have been getting creative with how I’m spending time with friends and giving you a few ideas to help you too get out the “oh geez anotherrrr zoom happy hour?!”

I’d love to hear what you’re doing too! All of these are great & can be done on Houseparty or on ZOOM!

Get your remote entertaining on and learn how to host a virtual cocktail party. Love these tips from Town & Country!

Create a theme for your happy hour! Next week I’m doing a tex mex happy hour with my girlfriends in Texas. A few of them are ordering in tacos and mambo taxi’s from MicoCina while I’ll be in NYC ordering in from a local spot here in Williamsburg!

(image and Strawberry Rita recipe via Our Salty Kitchen on Pinterest)

Take a course together and learn something you’ve wanted to for a while! I’m doing Yale’s “Science of Well-Being” with a friend and it give us something to talk about outside of the usual or reminiscing on all of our previous trips. Plus it is good for the soul. You feel good doing the course.

Usually do brunch with the girls?! Recreate it at home by swapping favorite recipes and you pick one or two for everyone to make on a Sunday afternoon! We’ve basically done a recipe exchange and I love it! I’ve come across a number of great recipes that I may never have before all of this!

(Image via Pinterest)

Get a group together for an epic Housepary trivia night – we had a friend set this up this weekend and we did it with 70 people from across the country and it was an absolute blast! Also a great way to spend 3 hours laughing your ass off and having a few drinks with friends!

Do a coffee catch up vs wine! I did this at 8:30 & it was a great way to start the day!

So until we can have patio hangs with friends these are keeping me pretty happy so stay home, stay healthy and keep flattening the curve because you never know who you are saving by doing it!



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