Missing the Hamptons? Want to Skip Winter? There’s A Cure. It’s Called Mustique

When I tell people I’ve been to Mustique there is often a blank stare or a face that says “Where!?” The island of Mustique is in one word, magical. Starting the new year on this private island was the best fresh start one could ask for. Low key beyond words, a small slice of heaven in so many ways. What I had heard about Mustique was minimal making it that much more intriguing to visit.

What could possibly be so enchanting about this spot that had everyone from the royal family (oh hi Princess Margaret!) and so many celebrities to call this place home on family holidays and vacations? It is the exact opposite of the busy, harried lives they live, which is the reason that I too fell head over heels in love with its free-spirited, serene vibes.

I was so taken a back by this place that I actually extended my trip by a number of days because I simply could not bear to leave. I felt that I needed more time to just be. Cell service is fine but it’s not 100% and for this type-A New Yorker limited wi-fi is a blessing in disguise.

The best time to visit?

There is never a bad time to visit. However, if you are a jazz fanatic, book a stay in January during their jazz festival when you may get the chance to see some of the world’s most renowned musicians up on stage at Basil’s Bar – barefoot of course.  We were there in January during this time, it’s lively, jam packed and somehow you can manage to stay awake into the wee hours of the morning sipping rum punch and limbo dancing!

Where to stay?

If you are going with more than you SO, go with one of the private homes on Mustique’s lush island. I’ll be doing a full recap of my top 5 homes as we had the chance to tour nearly 25 of their 80+ residences (read: glamourous villas.) The real sell in here for me was the full-time staff that is at your service to assist with everything from ensuring you have a coffee prior to your morning hike or filling up your house mule to setting up a splendid picnic.

The cost on a villa breaks down to nearly what my friends and I spend on a house in the Hamptons that does not come with a staff and surely is no where near as pristine as these villas are in Mustique. Not to metion the flights down to St. Lucia are about the same amount of time that it’ll take to get from NYC to Montauk any given weekend in the Summer.

Fun fact? The House Managers at each house have an island wide competition on who makes the best rum punch. My goal is to make it around to try each of their rum punches because they are gooooooodd.

Traveling with just 2? Book a room at The Cotton House Hotel, a beautiful 15 bedroom B&B situated conveniently right by the beachside bar and all of the water activities. This is also the location of the weekly cocktail party where the residents and guests come together to enjoy a drink and music. Follow this with a lobster dinner!

What to do?

One would think that on a private island you’d feel more like Tom Hank’s character in Castaway but it’s quite the opposite.  You can do as much or as little as you want on this island. From priate and small group yoga on the beach – which sounds as serene as it truly is – to snorkeling, paddle boarding and more. Staying at a Villa?

You have a house manager who can make all of those arrangements for you. There are also a number of amazing hikes which the girls and I took to early in the morning and came back to an amazing breakfast spread daily.

Rent a private boat and scoot around the island. Have your house manager set up a horseback riding session at the horse sanctuary that’s on the island. Take a tennis lesson with one of their renowned tennis pros who are rotating around each month. Sound like too much? Have your House Manager reserve one fo the many private beaches and go. chill. the. heck. out.

How to get there?

From the Northeast it’s a fairly easy trip down to heaven. We did a direct JetBlue flight (with mint) for under $500 to St. Lucia where you then board a small private plane from St. Lucia to Mustique on Mustique’s own airline.

How to book? UPDATED ON MAY 1ST, 2018! Contact me at ashley@tenthonhudson.com to book the below deal though Strong Travels!

  • If you book through strong travel it’s an additional $100 Resort credit 


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