Love Yourself Love Your Body Fitness Challenge Update!

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Finding the motivation to drag yourself to the gym or a class can be brutal, even more challenging? For me it’s ensuring that while you are there, be it the gym or a class, that you aren’t just half assing the workout but that you are in fact pushing yourself to do the best you can. Mahri, the founder of Body Conceptions, graciously dished out her her three biggest tips for when you are lacking will to go hard during a workout. Just remember:  little tweaks make the biggest impact!

1) Engage Your Abs:  You know that we talk about abs all the time.  But did you know that holding your abs during cardio will help you tremendously?  Believe it or not, thinking about your abdominals while you jump will prevent you from overtaxing your joints?  it will also keep your spine better aligned and help you jump higher!  Give it a try next time.  Notice how much less impact you feel on your knee and ankle joints.  And you may even experience much better stamina.

2)  Open Up and Breathe More Deeply:  In conjunction with better abdominal control, breathing more deeply into your lungs will also help you improve your stamina.  Most of us breathe very shallowly during the day, and hunching forward in your shoulders can prevent you from taking in proper amounts of air.  By opening your chest and allowing air to come into your lungs more deeply, you will find that you become more alert and more energetic.  And your muscles will be able to operate more efficiently and correctly with more oxygen available to them (especially during our Cardio Blast classes!).  Don’t try to force your breathing but rather become more aware of how you do it.  Also focus on opening your chest, lowering your shoulders, and allowing your shoulder blades to fall down your back. This should make a huge difference for you all day and prevent you from falling asleep at your desk.  And you’ll be a rockstar in class!

3)  Cut Out the Cheating!  Most of you don’t realize this, but your body is ALWAYS trying to make your life easier.  Especially when you exercise, your body automatically tries to find the fastest and easiest solutions for you.  Unfortunately, this can mean that you lift your left shoulder to help your right leg reach forward in Seat.  Or you mindlessly grip the mat to help give you leverage to lift your legs in abs.  Or you turn your back right foot to the side in a lunge to give yourself more stability.  Unfortunately, all of these automatic “fixes”  take the work away from the parts of the body you are actually targeting.  We WANT you to fight through your balance, use your abs more intensely, and engage your glutes more strongly.  That’s how you’ll see the most change.  Try paying more attention to your tendencies to cheat, and we will too!

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