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I always have these grand plans of getting my Christmas shopping done early. Every. Single. Year. Inevitably life takes its course, I’m traveling, living life and bam it’s a week before Christmas so this year I’ve teamed up with Babbleboxx to give you a few of the best last minute Christmas gifts to give even the most difficult person on your list. Even though I’m usually a last minute kind of shopper I still am passionate about giving a gift that shows I’ve put some serious thought into it.

So below you’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your list from the fitness nut or the beauty gal to the grill master man in your life or your sweets loving grandmother. Make the list and check it twice.

For the fitness gal (or guy!)

Spire is a new wearable wellness tracker. It’s a unique take on a health tracker and prepares the user to experience more calm in their life. Other trackers just don’t do this. I can keep count of my steps or my calories on other trackers but I can’t keep calm using them. I’m not a fan of apple watches because let’s be honest I’m already connected to my phone enough, I don’t need to sit at dinner and see my texts coming through as I enjoy conversation with friends. But Spire is very cool and perfect to give the person on your list who is living a healthy life. Spire is the only wearable technology that increases mindfulness and productivity by tracking breathing patterns reflecting the wearer’s state of mind. Spire is fully integrated into the Apple Health App and works with Apple watch. Smart, cool, sleek. Winning gift. Score $10 off via this link.


For the beauty maven

With so many beauty tools out there it’s hard to navigate them all and figure out what to give the girl in your life who lives by hair tutorials on YouTube and has more makeup than Nordstroms. Enter the LumaBella cool mist straightener. I personally own this product and am obsessed with it so I’m gifting it to not one but three gals on my list this year. Any tool that can control my frizzy, crazy hair without damaging it because of it’s innovative technology is a must in my books. Use code MIST20 to get 20% off your purchase until 12/30!


For the yoga babe

You likely have a yogi on your list and if you don’t you definitely have someone on your list who could use a little good luck charm. Yoga Jewelz is a collection of Om necklaces and other jewelry (I’m personally loving my silver necklace!) The Om symbol is powerful in the yoga world but its appeal is universal so – making it a fab gift for any gal on your list. The belief is that that by wearing the Om symbol you are brought luck, harmony and peace. Reasons enough to gift it.


For the sweet tooth family member

I very admittedly have a sweet tooth that has stemmed from my entire family having a mean sweet tooth too. My grammy is the worst, tiny as she is I firmly believe that she could eat cookies, candy and brownies every day and be fine. So this year I’m putting a little brownie sampler from the Vermont Brownie Company into her stocking. (I’m in charge of stockings!) This is the perfect assortment of yummy, chewy brownies and she’ll get six different flavors. Sweet gift right?!

Snag 15% off any purchase HERE.


For the wannabe grill master

Every guy on the planet thinks that he can take on the grilling and produce the most amazing steaks. Feed his desire to wear an apron and hit the grill by gifting him the Tasteful Gift Gourmet Collection from Omaha Steaks. The fifth-generation, family owned company is known for providing the finest in premium, All-American grain-fed beef and gourmet foods. Perfect gift to give any guy on your list and the best part? You’ll hopefully get to enjoy the perks of his cooking!




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