January Fit Series: Changing the Game

new years resolutions, let's do this, 2016, fit,Yes yes it’s a new year, a new beginning, a fresh start and a chance to create new goals, which often includes that annual goal of getting in shape. Instead of making this an annual goal, I like to think of it as a goal of “staying on track” I have always been a person who enjoys working out and breaking a sweat. Of course it’s great to be fit and healthy but for me working out is so much more than just being fit. It’s a mind clearer, a stress reliever, an energy source and most importantly … a big time mood booster.

This week as so many of you are kicking off your new year’s resolutions I’ll be sharing my go-to work out classes, tutorials, fitness apps as well as my must have pieces in terms of how to keep you looking as stylish as possible while breaking a sweat (speaking of … how great is this Espalier sports bra????) I am the first to admit that working out can be a mundane task that if you dread doing it you’ll never actually go to the gym, hit the running path or head to class. To keep my interest and motivation, I need to keep myself engaged with a change up here and there. Prime example, I’ve been hitting a weekly boxing class at Shadowbox NYC to switch things up in my regular gym routine. Aside from the obvious reason why anyone could possibly enjoy this class (beating the heck out of something?!! 😉 ) the instructors are fantastic, the music always spot on and the workout will kick your ass in a way that you didn’t know it could be done.

So get your resolutions started with a challenge and try something new!

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