Increasing NAD Levels: My Experience with Tru Niagen

This post is in partnership with Tru Niagen

Last month I shared with you guys that as I celebrated another birthday I started to reevaluate my health and wellness routines. In late October I began taking Tru Niagen, a new form of vitamin B3 that is clinically proven to safely replenish your body’s NAD – don’t know what that is? Neither did I but we all need to know it. NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential regulator of our cellular metabolism and every cell in our body and practically everything our body does relies on NAD.  So now in my 30s and my lifestyle is changing combined with the fact that I am constantly on the go, hitting daily stressors be it at the office, the airport or let’s be honest, on the subway, my body is taking a beating both mentally and even more so physically—this is why I want to make sure my cells and body have all the resources they need to stay energized and at their best.

After evaluating my daily routine I realized that I was missing a supplement like Tru Niagen. I needed to make an easy tweak to my routine and began adding in Tru Niagen.

Why Tru Niagen?

  •         I didn’t realize that every day things – like eating too much, drinking alcohol, or even just getting older – can cause NAD levels to decline. Our bodies need NAD and Tru Niagen replenishes your body’s NAD… every time you take it.
  •         I was constantly tired, sure this could be for a number of reasons but I was looking for ways to help get my energy levels up to get through the day.
  •         It’s easy. This just got added into my routine. Two capsules, every morning. That easy.
  •         They are also vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, caffeine-free, and contain no animal byproducts, or artificial colors or flavors. (That’s tough to find these days!)

My results?

You guys know you’re always going to get the real truth here – especially when it comes to my health so here is the full rundown of what I thought.

  •         I feel like my energy has increased (and no it’s not because of coffee, I’ve actually cut back on caffeine in recent months!)

o   Cool fact? Every cell in your body needs NAD to turn what you eat into energy that your cells can use.

  •         I’ve noticed this during my Barry’s Bootcamp and SoulCycle classes for sure!
  •         It was EASY to incorporate into my routine and while I admit there were times that I didn’t take it at 8:30 AM every morning, I could easily take it on my way out the door to a meeting or an event without hesitation.

How I’m tweaking my lifestyle in my 30s?

So many of you have asked how I stay in shape and keep myself healthy while traveling as much as I do and running my own consulting business in NYC so here are a few of my “must-do daily” tips that have helped keep me in both good mental and physical shape.

  1.      Adding in Tru Niagen – I truly have more energy and it has helped me keep up with the time zone changes I’ve faced as I’ve traveled lately!
  2.      Physical activity every day.  I’m not saying taking a bootcamp class every day but I am saying that you need to move your body for 20 minutes at the bare minimum.
  3.      Cutting back on alcohol – given my industry this has been hard but worth it. At work events and dinners I simply order a soda water with lime. Simple and easy. Plus the sugars involved in cheap wine are brutal and not worth the headache the next day.
  4.      Water, water, water.
  5.      7 hours of sleep – yes I know, it needs to be 8 but I’m working to get there! I’m just happy that I can get to 7 these days!


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