How to Stay Connected to Your (Newer) SO This Cuffing Season with NET10 Wireless

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I think it’s safe to say that dating last year was less than ideal. That may even be an understatement. There are so many hurdles. If you’re single, and I mean single, you start to question how do you even meet someone? Are they social distancing? Are they being smart about going out and seeing friends? What is your ideal date? Literally, SO many questions before you can even spend time together. As someone that has made a major move, to a brand new city as a single person, let’s just say I’ve had some experience navigating this exact scenario this year. 

My girlfriends and I talk about this often. We’re all doing more “first dates” virtually or in the very least getting on a call with a guy more than we may have ever done before. Lots and lots of phone time means needing a great reliable phone service like NET10 Wireless.

Being set up has been on the rise too, for better or worse (LOL). And, we’ve all also found ourselves managing to meet someone right as we’re going somewhere for a while or he’s heading off to go spend time at the family ranch in Montana … where they have questionable Wi-Fi at best (I may or may not be talking from firsthand experience!). But here are some ways in which I’ve found it to be easier to date – or stay in touch with those your dating during these weird times when we’re all over the place or finding ourselves in more remote locations and trying to stay connected. 

  1. Make sure you have a great phone plan – I like NET10’s new $50 Super Unlimited plan that comes with unlimited talk, text and high-speed data (that does not throttle) plus 5GB of mobile hotspot data – so you can call, text and video-chat on your terms!
  2. Go on dates – even remotely – that you would do during normal times. I personally love picnics, they’re so much fun, you can do them outside together (find a nice day if you live in a colder climate!) or recreate the experience through a video-chat if you’re not together.  A few tips here?
    1. Make sure you actually both participate! 
    2. Pack fun things that you both enjoy (wine! popcorn!) I even think sending each other little boxes with the goodies is so fun and a great opportunity to let the other person know you’re thinking of them.
    3. Bring a card game, one that you can do separately but together. There are so many options that also help you get to know each other better! 
  3. Make the mundane, fun. What would you do normally if you were together – morning coffee runs, random errands, brewery dates? Simply call the person and take them along for your day-to-day things. Just remember your headphones because no one wants to hear your conversation (trust me!). I dated someone who refused to wear headphones of any sort while on speaker and it was mortifying! 
  4. Do a movie night. (But no movies in bed! I absolutely detest the thought of a TV in my bedroom – totally kills the serene, calming vibes) So do video-chat dates during these times to bring some normalcy to it all.
  5. Just have fun! Honestly, this year has been weird, find someone who you laugh and have a good time with, and enjoy it whether it’s for a month, a year or a lifetime. 

Even though dating during these times can be tricky, one thing is for sure – you need to have an affordable and reliable phone service to make sure you keep your love connections alive. To learn more, visit

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