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NYFW, BabbleboxxXNYFW, Survival Kit, Beauty blogger, Essentials NYFW is a blitz in my mind. You’re sprinting between shows, parties, events and all while trying to look “camera ready” at all times because you never know when someone may just snap that sick outfit you’ve been planning for a month.  That’s the reason why it’s all the more important to ensure I’m taking care of myself from every angle. This particular NYFW was a blur, Day 1 and 2 had me at four shows each day and two major parties including that kick ass 29Rooms kick off event, Day 3 essentially the same but add in a double workout in there and Day 4 was an actual blur filled with early morning shooting, the ShopStyle party and then I was off to Dallas. When your day starts at 6 and doesn’t end until 1AM you know you have to ensure you’re treating yourself right once you do get home before it all starts again.

Enter my legit NYFW survival gear, these are the guys who kept my skin looking amazing, my hair on point and more importantly my phone from being shattered during the 20+ times that I dropped it while trying to capture the perfect shot during a show!

I am openly one of the clumsiest people when it comes to my phone. I actually have someone in  who can come to meet me anywhere in the city to fix my screen. In NYC that is a thing and it costs me far too much money every fashion week. Hence the reason why this NYFW I’m swearing by my chic little Otterbox. I dropped my phone while trying to capture the perfect shot at Marisa Webb and even falling face first onto the concrete nothing happened. Best NYFW accessory ever. 

NYFW, BabbleboxxXNYFW, Otterbox, iPhone, LifesaverTaking care of my skin during NYFW proves difficult every season. September is especially rough as the weather will inevitably go from a cool, enjoyable 75 to 90s in no time flat. I had a rotation of jeans and short dresses going strong meaning my legs needed to look good – like runway ready good! I’ve said given praise for Tree Hut’s products before but I’ll say it again, they are lifesavers. I have extremely sensitive skin and this season I wanted to ensure that I was bump free to swore by Tree Hut’s Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil.

NYFW, BabbleboxxXNYFW, Tree Hut, Moisturizing Oil, Runway ready legsWe all know that our faces take a beating with all of the additional makeup, time outside and alcohol we’re consuming during this week. In the middle of NYFW I make sure to slate away one night – usually Sunday – to wind down and take a break before the week gets going again. A little pampering while chilling out never hurts and I’ve been loving Vichy’s new masks lately.  I mentioned it a while ago but I lived in Vichy and have never turned back from being obsessed with their products. Vichy’s products are designed specifically to protect and strengthen your skin against internal and external aggressors such as pollution, stress and dare I say it … NYFW too! At $20 they’re pretty much a steal plus you can score a discount on them too using the code (ADD IN DISCOUNT CODE) that is good until October 31st!

NYFW, BabbleboxxXNYFW, Skincare, Face masks My hair does not always want to cooperate during NYFW especially when the humidity hits a crazy high. I started using Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger HYDROCREAM WHIP in August and immediately became hooked. It helped tame my hair in a way nothing had before so I knew I would be using it daily in order to get that highly coveted perfect hair for all of the events of NYFW.  It’s long lasting so I knew I could relay on it to take me from sun up to sun down and keep my hair looking fab.

Paul Mitchell, Hair Care, Lumabella, NYFW, BabbleboxxXNYFW It’s no secret that I’m a fond lover of beach waves and messy hair but something changed this season and maybe you’ve noticed it on IG but I’m obsessing over straight hair! I’ve been hesitant for a while to use a straightener because of the conversations around how much damage can be caused but when Stephanie Nelson (my makeup and hair wizard of a sister) told me about the LumaBella Cool Mist Straightener there was no turning back. The technology that LumaBella uses protects hair from damage, is a frizz controller and helps keep hair looking fab all day.








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