Gift Guide: The Wanderluster


Being a bit of traveler myself, I have pretty much rounded up the most perfect assortment of gifts that any dame traveler could possibly want. While you won’t find some things such as your standard neck pillow or eye mask, I think you’ll love these options and find just the right travel size gift for anyone who is always on the go.

1. Henri Bendel’s Lavender Travel Candle  – This has been a life saver, stress reliever and calming tool for me every time I’m on the road. Lavender has a known calming element to it, the scent alone is known to  decrease blood pressure and help you enjoy a deeper sleep. What could be better for someone when they’re on the road?

2. Olivine Atelier Beauty Mist – I love this duo because it softens and rejuvenates not only my skin but my hair with essential oils and natural antioxidants. Oh and the packaging is pretty darn cute too!

3. Carry-On Cocktail Kit – This is a no brainer. A better cocktail on a 5+ hour flight across the country? Heck yes, sign me up and I’ll buy stock in this company.

4. Stowaway Cosmetics – I’ve talked about these gems before. They are the perfect sized makeup for traveling, everyday and the gym. I literally toss their micro sized products into every bag I own (side note: I’m obsessed with their lipsticks!)

5. Mini perfumes – This set is ideal for any girl, traveler, on the go, whomever. Tiny little perfumes save everyone so therefore they are a great gift (not to mention, how ridiculously chic is that packaging?)

6. Headphones – I swear my travel (aka: noise canceling) headphones are my savior. Invest in this pair for that person that literally lives on a plane. These are amazing, quite sleek and come with a nifty little case!

7. Steamline Luggage’s chic little pink briefcase is the thing a girl on the go dreams of!!

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