Gift Guide: Gifts for the Fitness Gal

For those on your list that live an active, fitness loving lifestyle this is the gift guide for you to save down. Here are gift ideas from my favorite brands and ladies for the girl who loves yoga, pilates, meditation or just enjoys moving her body on a regular basis! From products to classes and to apps that they can use every day. Who says that everything has to be an expensive gift? These range from $19.99 a year to $400 (hey, a Higherdose blanket is definitely an investment but a good one if you’re in the market for it!)

Gifts to wrap up:

Subscriptions from the best fitness ladies!

Not every class is for everyone. But, I love to switch it up and have tested each of these for you and your gift recipient! Here are some of the best workouts I’ve been doing to keep things fresh. Each of these women have class offerings from monthly memberships to private sessions – and trust me – each one makes a GREAT gift!

DanceBody – This dance cardio studio has been a staple in my life for YEARS. The combination of dance routines incorporating hip hop to ballet moves has pushed my body in a way that I didn’t know I could. One of the most strenuous workouts I do every week for sure. Katia and her team do a phenomenal job of keeping the energy up all the time in their virtual classes. Users can do Dance, Cardio, Sculpt or a combination of all of them.

@gogloow – Her classes are AMAZING. I found her on Instagram in the fall of last year and have been hooked since. Carolina’s focus is on elongating and toning, which her workouts do. She launched full online classes earlier this year and WOW, my body was in dire need of incorporating her approach into my routine.

MadMethod – I’ve been working out with Madelaine since her days at Bari Studio in Tribeca and online with Obe. She has now brought her expertise to her own platform! The Mad Method approach is perfect for those of us always on the go with short workouts that hit all of the key areas – or you can opt to do a longer one. Madelaine is constantly traveling and has done a phenomenal job of ensuring almost all of these workouts can be done in small spaces too.

BritsBarre – I was introduced to Brit through a dear friend when I moved to Austin. Brit’s pilates, strength and toning approach is incredible. I often catch myself running through movements when doing a class on my own but Brit’s classes are centered around the movement of the body. Plus, if you’re in Austin she does teach twice a week at MOD Fitness! Bonus for my mom’s – she’s got classes focused on your needs too! She had a little girl back in 2020!

@RoxyFitBlog – I stumbled on Roxanne’s workouts through another fitness friend who recommended her leg workouts – something I admittedly struggle with. She has a GREAT lean & tone subscription but also a lot of wonderful class options for new moms – particularly those that have undergone a c-Section with specific classes.

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