Getting My Smile Pearly White with Gleem

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GLEEM. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you’ve been following me for any time now then you know that I’m smiling in about 75% of my photos (often times too big!) and the remaining 25% of the time my big mouth is wide open talking, laughing or cheesin’ it up. Pair laughing with my need to dress up for no reason at all and you have my full look these days at home! But I realized last year that because of my coffee addiction and red wine habit that my teeth had definitely gotten a little less white than I would like. So I started using GLEEM’s new rechargeable toothbrush a while back and found they had a whole slew of teeth whitening products too.

I’ve always gravitated towards products that fit seamlessly into my life – in other words they need to be small, compact and easy to travel with and easy to do!

Each of the Gleem products fit the bill (plus they are incredibly affordable!) The Gleem Rechargeable Brush is not only a powerhouse at cleaning with two different settings but it’s compact and comes with its own case. The Gleem Rechargeable Brush kit comes with the toothbrush handle, first brush head, travel case, and three AAA batteriesand the replacement brush heads only cost $10 for two and are recommended tobe swapped every three months.

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Even though I’m not traveling right now my space at home is small so I keep it out or can put it in its own case which I love then you don’t have to worry with how to properly store it! Though when I do get to traveling again not only will the Gleem Rechargeable Brush be coming with me but so will my Gleem whitening kit and the Gleem touchup pen – it’s so small it fits in any bag just like a tube of mascara and serves an even better purpose!

And now with all of this time at home I have found it super easy to finally get around to whitening my teeth and now questioning why I hadn’t done this sooner! The Gleem whitening kit provides professional level whitening in just 7 days, I’ve been doing it with such ease the last week and my teeth are noticeably whiter!

So much so that I think I may have gotten the boyfriend on board to start whitening his with Gleem too – that’s a small win for all my couples right?! I even did my whitening session the other night while getting ready for our date night – which was perfect to multi-task! I’ve also given you 5 times during the day to whiten your teeth that aren’t at night in bed! I’d love to know when you’re whitening and your tips too! So don’t forget to comment below, I’ll be  sharing them on Instagram next week.


5 times of day to whiten your teeth easily:

  1. Around 4 PM, far enough after lunch and enough time before dinner (or happy hour!) when you have time to pop the Gleem whitening strips on for 60 minutes. It’s an easy way to prevent more snacking too! Add the LED light the last five minutes to target those stains!
  2. Join girls night with the Gleem strips on in lieu of drinking wine to brighten your smile for the next one and make it a full on at home spa catch up. Complete it with a face mask or even do a hand/foot mask!
  3. Netflix + whiten?! But seriously, this is a perfect time to apply the strips. Binge Tiger King, Ozarks or maybe an old favorite like SATC while getting pearly whites!
  4. Download a new book and get to whitening! Just remember to set a timer because you only want to leave them on for an hour
  5. Start up a podcast you’ve been dying to listen to – even better if it is a 60 minute one because you have a built in timer!

You can purchase Gleem at Walmart! Easily accessible and super affordable, there’s no reason to postpone it any longer!

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3 Responses
  • Christie
    April 27, 2020

    I am so excited to try, need it today!

  • Ciré Murray
    April 28, 2020

    I had braces for about 4 years so I could never use any whitening products but now that they’re off I will definitely try this ! Thanks

  • Sam
    April 28, 2020

    This is such a cool way to whiten your teeth!

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