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A few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of meeting one of the most creative, driven and wonderful women, Heather Wiese-Alexander, the founder of the luxe stationary brand Bell’INVITO. Right off the bat, Heather was quite possibly one of the most polite gals I have ever met, we hit it off immediately talking about our mutual hometown of Dallas, Texas. After she walked me through the exquisite new collections and talked a little shop, I had a chance to pick her brain not only on Bell’INVITO but also her extensive and rather interesting background that led her to her dream job.  If you take nothing else away from this interview, just know that hard work will get you that dream job, Heather is the epitome of this. Check out the full interview below!bespoke-stationery_engraved-menu

Why did you start Bell’INVITO?

I love making things for people. As I grew up that manifested in everything from cookies to scary craft projects. When I became an art director and began to understand which aspects of creating that I loved most, I found a happy place in designing invitations.

The people pleaser that I am was not having the mediocre quality with my name attached. I started researching old presses so I could tell my local printer exactly what to adjust to give me the results I wanted. I was so persistent–I’m surprised he even let me back in the shop! Admittedly, I have an impetuous tendency to want to solve problems. Somehow that landed me as the owner of a manufacturing company.


Why makes you excited to go to work everyday? 

Two things really make me happy when I’m headed into the office. First, the people I work with are fantastic. I truly love my staff. Second, the problem solving aspect of my position is exhilarating. I have truly loathed some of the experiences as I went through them. But I am so, so glad I have learned those lessons young. Watching a stationery company work like ours does in an age where email and texting reigns, and adding in the challenge of creating new brand awareness–that is a very wild roller coaster. I love it!


While I am a firm believer in the art of letterpress, beautifully created stationary and snail mail, some might say that this is a dying field. What are your thoughts on that?  Why do you think it’s important to keep this alive in a world of digital Paperless Post events?  

First, as the masses move towards all things digital, one thing inevitably is happening, those who want to set themselves apart naturally gravitate toward something better. When you want to emphasize the importance of an event, the sincerity of your appreciation, or even just prove your own taste and sophistication as above the norm, well-made stationery is the answer. Although the perception might be that the digital age is the enemy, it’s actually giving the desire for sophisticated living a renaissance in a world that had gone casual. The second reality is that people’s inboxes are way too full. A beautiful Paperless Post is convenient, but it gets lost in the digital shuffle. A hand-written note is simply more of an effort than an email. Appreciation is measured in effort and sincerity. No matter how pretty they are, emails are still just emails.


In one phrase, how would you describe your personal style? 

An insouciant aesthete


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