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I, just like each one of you, is a crazy busy, harried individual running around trying to keep calm and cool while doing a million things. More so I want to look like I actually have it totally together even when I’m in a rush and might not. You know if you fall in this category, often leaving a phone behind or one eye of mascara done only to realize it an hour and a half into a meeting. Regardless of where I’m off to I always want to come off as seemingly pulled together and the best way to do that is to have a pretty perfect face tackling whatever meeting, date, class it is.

That’s the reason why I swear by Clarin’s multitasking beauty products that can take me from zero to sixty in no time flat and they ensure quick fixes for a perfect finish. Even better? Clarin’s makeup actually has skincare benefits too. So I’m sharing my five-minute everyday face below.

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Start with Clarin’s Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. This is basically my foundation’s best friend and the only primer I ever need. It smooths away lines, pores and wrinkles in a nano-second to create an even and flawless base.

To hide the inevitable bags and dark circles under my eyes I apply Clarin’s Instant Light Brush-On Perfector. One quick stroke is all it takes to conceal those loverly late nights of writing, editing and emailing that create ever lovelier imperfections and shadowy areas. What’s even better? It delivers tightening and smoothing effects thanks to the oat sugars in the formula.

I bust out my Clarin’s Face Contouring Palette to quickly sculpt and define my cheekbones in order to keep me looking fresh. The three colors in the palette work together to create the my everyday natural look.

In order to open up my tired eyes I swear by Clarin’s Supra Volume Mascara – it does everything.  Plumps. Thickens. Lengthens.

Last but certainly not least toss on a lip and line the eyes. I like the Clarin’s 4-Colour All-in-One Pen. This pen has a bit of everything Includes: three retractable eyeliner shades in black, brown and indigo to line and define the eyes and one lip liner. PS – doesn’t it feel like those multi-colored pens from elementary school where you could flip between pink and purple seamlessly?!?

Quick. Simple. Perfect.

This post was sponsored by Clarin’s.
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