Fit Series: The Multitasking Gems

IMG_0683As I’ve shared before, I like to mix up my workouts classes. I LOVE a great opportunity to knock out a workout that will literally target every part of my body. I call them the multi-taskers. I’ve been an avid fan of Barry’s bootcamp for years and recently one of my instructors mentioned that I needed to give ModelFit a try. After a great workout at their studio I was invited to try out their rooftop workout series with Nike, which was one body-sculpting, cardio-pumping, crazy workout on a grass field high above the streets in the financial district. Quite possibly one of the coolest workout experiences ever, not to mention the hardest. Though I had the chance to test out Nike’s newest sneaker first hand and became immediately obsessed.  They are so lightweight!

I’m also wearing a pair of Cory Vines’ newest workout leggings that are super cute and great for a workout like this where you’re body needs a lot of room for moving with a flexible fit.

IMG_0309 IMG_0311 IMG_0809 IMG_0941 IMG_1409 IMG_1514



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