Fit Series: Body Conceptions Challenge Week 2


I’ve been a wee bit behind on sharing my fitness updates with you on my Body Conceptions challenge that I told you about a few weeks ago so I’m sharing a few of my past week’s learning’s and tips with you all now, now that I’m back from my travels expect to see more in the upcoming days and weeks! These past few weeks have been definitive for not only my body but mind as well. I said it in my last post but this is what really drew me to the challenge, it’s not just about a physical change, it’s a 360 change, a 360 challenge and a 360 goal that brings together every element of your life.

It’s all in your mindset. It. Really. Is.

I approached this challenge looking at it as a way to reset myself and reprioritize my goals following a relatively indulgent holiday season. Mahri advised us that this was all about setting goals, putting our minds to seeing results, focusing on working as hard as possible, and also enjoying the process as much as possible. Which for me, I have, I’ve enjoyed every sweaty moment of this challenge and have made some great friends along the way! The best advice to keep in mind when tackling something like this is to stay out of your own way and keep focused.

Give meditation a shot

I read 10% Happier by Dan Harris over a recent vacation and that was the beginning of my “let’s give this a shot” attitude towards the practice that I once openly questioned and did not understand. However, I found it wildly helpful in many instances of my life. In the BC challenge, Mahri brought in Dana Campbell who shared a few recommendations on how to create more space in your life for those of us who run around with our heads cut off on a daily stressful basis.

  • REST! I know this is counterintuitive but it’s so important for both building strength and losing weight. This can include 10 minutes of lying on your floor, your bed or in a hot bath.
  • Speaking of hot baths … epsom salt baths are unbelievable for sore muscles! Add a few drops of an essential oil like lavender and it’s like a mini spa night.
  • I’m a huge fan of massages. This might be a great time to invest in a rub down and help you release a bit of tension.
  • Reflection. You undoubtedly are experiencing something as a result of the challenge. This is a great time to get quiet with yourself and listen. You can meditate, journal or just eat without looking at your phone. Taking a few minutes each day to just observe is going to help you realize how much you are overcoming!
  • A little bit of stretching never hurt anything!

Dana’s mission as a coach and teacher is to inspire and partner with her clients to transform their lives from the inside, out.  It takes courage and a great sense of humor to attempt doing something different, whether you want to learn a new yoga pose, heal from injury or illness, strive for a promotion or find more fulfillment in your life. Check her out here. One of my favorite meditation studio’s in NYC is from MNDFL, so if you’re in the city I would definitely recommend giving it a tr

Small but meaningful changes are OK!

Last but certainly not least, body wise I have seen a few slightly significant changes. During the weekly measurement check in, while nerve-wrecking, has been exciting. I’m finally balancing out my arms, which is huge for me as they haven’t been even since before I broke my shoulder in college. Huge win. I also have seen an increase in my strength … push-ups and I have never been friendly but I’m making progress in this particular department. It’s one step at a time!




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