First timer review: Lasering with Spruce & Bond

I’ve been pretty open here about my issues with sensitive skin. I have been battling it since I was little. I was the child who at camp could only use Dove soap or else I broke out as though I had been walking through a forest of poison ivy. Entering into my older years though and knowing that one needed to get things cleaned up – i.e. wax that stuff off years. I found myself cringing with pain and hatred for the poor woman who waxed me. My bikini line was so sensitive and I tried every single possible option. I went with all of the different waxing options out there, dying in pain with each pull of the strip. Finally my girl at a wax place that I won’t name told me straight out “girl the only thing that’s going to work for you is laser” so after far too many years of pain and embarrassing redness I found myself stopping into Spruce + Bond. After meeting with the aesthetician who was going to be doing my laser I felt so much more at ease than I had thought I would. She assured me the lasering would be quick, painless and most importantly would result in a clear skin.

The actual thoughts:

She was right. It was quick – I mean under 20 minutes quick, which goes a long ways for an NYC girl on the go! It was definitely less painful than waxing. My skin didn’t feel too terrible after, though I had taken an Ibuprofen at the recommendation of a friend so I was prepared. My skin though wasn’t red and bumpy the way it was with waxing. All in all a very very positive experience!

A few things to note for first time visitors (like myself!)  

  • If you have sensitive skin – tell them! they can make other recommendations for options too.
  • Make sure you haven’t been exposed to the sun for a few week prior – 10 days minimum
  • You need multiple sessions. It’s not a one time thing but without a doubt worth the investment!
  • Who to go to? I saw Jessica at the Flatiron Spruce + Bond location – she was AMAZING.

I’ll be back for round two very soon so make sure to let me know I you have any questions!



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