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Being fit doesn’t just mean hitting the gym or going to a work out class, it’s a healthy approach to your everyday life. It’s the workouts you do, the food you eat, the sleep you get and the products you use. Whether I’m on the road or at home these are the things I swear by to hep me feeling and staying fit and healthy 24/7. I know that different things work for other so would love to hear what works for you!

Working Out. 

I have to move. ESPECIALLY if I’m traveling or just getting home from a trip. I have a monthly subscription to Body Conception’s new video series that allows me to do quick 5 minute work outs that target specific parts of my body or I can do a full hour long BoCo class if I have time. These have been a lifesaver as of late!!

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Products. Products. Products.

I’ve been a fan of Clarin’s products for quite some time now and love that they have finally brought in a product that just adds a little bit more to my life! The new Clarin’s Body Fit is a pretty cool cream-gel mixture that helps  visibly reduce that obnoxious cellulite that just will not go away – but really it won’t I live on a 5th floor walk up and I still have the dreaded “C” word. I’ve been using Body Fit for a little over a month and my skin already looks firmer, smoother and more lifted. Just a nice easy way to keep your skin looking as possible!

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Healthy eating.

This is the hardest. You would think it would be working out but the healthy eating aspect of living a fit, healthy life is HARD. At home I try to be mindful about where I take meetings, where I’m heading for dinner and prepare in advance so that I don’t wind up taking down a massive bowl of pasta and the bread basket – though let’s be honest it’s OK if I do that every now and again. It’s all about moderation. Oh and snacks. I always keep snacks on hand because I know I’d rather eat that than allow myself to grab a Twix bar!

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