Cold Weather Workout Tips with Reebok

PerfectNever, Reebok, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect, TipsWinter workouts never get easier – whether you’re trekking from your home to the gym or being really ambitious and going at it outside it’s always a struggle to find the motivation to get your ass moving when the temps drop below 30.

So in between a few sweat sessions I caught up with my favorite NYC-based fitness folks (again! See this recent post for their tips to stay motivated this holiday season!)  I got to pick their brains to get their tips on how to workout in the cold weather or for those who can’t handle the thought of being outside they’ve provided alternative solutions to getting that much needed workout in.  

PerfectNever, Reebok, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect, Tips

When going at it outside:

Katherine Greiner, Founder of KG Body, Fitness Expert and Athleta Ambassador

Be sure to invest in proper cold weather training gear.  Get a good hat – we loose a lot of body heat through our head so simply covering your dome will help a lot. 

Ashley Wilking, Personal Trainer, ASHFIT, Fitness Instructor, Barry’s Bootcamp  and Indie Fresh Ambassador

Don’t go in alone! If there is ever a time to plan your workouts with a friend, it’s when it’s freezing! It’s harder to skip out when you have someone relying on you. Motivate each other to show up to your workout, and we’ll motivate you to show up IN your workout!

Mahri Relin founder of Body Conceptions and Athleta Ambassador

Wait for the sun:  If you are running or exercising outdoors, try to choose a time when the sun is out (or at least when it’s light enough to see your surroundings.) The sun will give you extra warmth of course, but it will also allow you to properly navigate icy conditions – and maybe melt them too!

Colin Turek, Fitness Expert and NYC Ambassador for The Dailey Method

Use compound movements to warm-up the body. The idea is to bridge movements together so that multiple muscles engage and work at once. From a standing position, try walking out to a plank, then do five push-ups, step-up and do five a jump squats, back to a plank for 10 mountain climbers, then walk hands back to toes and stand. Repeat for 4 minutes and you have an awesome drill that has targeted every muscle in your body, heating you up from the inside out. You can even do this at home when it’s just too cold to brave the chilly weather!

PerfectNever, Reebok, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect, Tips

The Alternative Route: When you want to be outside but not running!  


Take advantage of the festive season and do a few winter-dependent athletic activities such as ice-skating, sledding, cross country or downhill skiing.  It’s always important to mix up your workouts!

***Personal note:  This is one of my favorite things about winter, get outside an ICE SKATE!!!!***

What to eat and drink:

Shelby Albo – Fitness Instructor at Bari Studio and creator of  

Stay hydrated!! Drink lots of water throughout the day and during class.  This will keep you hydrated and help your skin during the cold season!


Indulge in Healthy | Winter is the time for warm and hearty foods, but they don’t have to be unhealthy. Nutritious, filling soups & protein bowls help your body recover post-workout and satisfy that want for comfort food! Like these Bison Meatballs & Quinoa or Vegan Black Bean Chili from Indie Fresh. Bonus point for ordering your meals ahead!

Where to invest?


Get the gear. While I’m not a fitness pro I do know a thing or two about what to wear and I’ll be living in my Reebok women’s gear all season long.

This sports bra literally doubles as a sports bra and going out piece under shirts || I am literally living in this Cardio Woven Jacket in camo – tres chic right?! || These Reebok pants with mesh inserts are everything. Just get the whole #PerfectNever collection. Trust me.


Invest| Everyone wants a return on their investment . Why not make it yourself? Buy that 10 Pack of classes, book a private training session, or splurge on that winter running gear you’ve been eyeing. You’re much more likely to follow thru when you have some “skin in the game”.

In NYC and want to try a few of their favorite classes?  

Ashley’s go-to sweat session? No shocker here: Barry’s Bootcamp!  

High energy, banging music, and the motivation to push a little harder. Sign Up & Sweat with Me!  Trust me, I’ve taken her class. It’s amazing and will kick your ass all at the same time.

Shelby’s given us the deets below for The Bari Studio, Body Conceptions and for East End Row!


2 for 1 class option for new clients

$99 unlimited 2 weeks!

East End Row

2 classes for $20 using code: TRAVELFIT

Body Conceptions:

50% off first class using code: TRAVELBOCOFIRST

5 for $50 package using code: TRAVELBOCO5FOR50

PerfectNever, Reebok, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect, TipsPerfectNever, Reebok, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect, TipsPerfectNever, Reebok, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect, Tips PerfectNever, Reebok, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect, Tips PerfectNever, Reebok, Fitness, Impossibly Imperfect, Tips

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