The BK Staycation: The Williamsburg Hotel

The longer I live in NYC the more I appreciate escaping it. To those of  you who don’t reside in a New York (or a over populated city) the following my seem like a bit of a headscratcher but to those of us living in NYC it’ll make sense …I need to leave in order to recharge, rest and more importantly reinstate my love for this crazy busy city that seemingly never sleeps. I used to joke that I’d sleep when I was dead because there was so much always going on, there still is no doubt a lot going on but I’m valuing sleep, rest and self-care a heck of a lot more these days than ever before. Working for myself has me moving at 350 MPH every single day and sometimes I can’t get away to a far-off beach destination or hop on a plane to London like I would like to do so I made the decision to implement a monthly staycation in my NYC life.

Where to stay?

For my first staycation I opted to actually remove myself from the city and head to one of my favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods. I checked myself right into the brand new Williamsburg Hotel. If the location wasn’t enough to make this the ideal location for a staycation then the balconies with each room and chic décor should do the trick. The hotel has undoubtedly some of the best views of Manhattan, unobstructed and just beautiful all from the comfort of my own little balcony complete with faux grass and lawn chairs.

Upon arriving, via my lovely little Juno (new obsession, bye-bye Uber!) I knew right away that this hotel was going to be my new “oh you must stay here” hotel when out of towners ask. If the pink and white tuk tuk out front wasn’t enough, pair it with the oversized lightbulbs spelling out the hotel name and chic AF little bikes lining the entrance and I was sold.

The eclectic décor of the hotel is impeccable . The team behind this hotel did not leave one aspect of the place behind. Each turn is chicer than the next. Tiny details such as the lit up room numbers hanging high above each room. The bar, besides being is made of gold wooden picture frames. Each one different and sourced from a unique place in Brooklyn.

The hotel has just opened its doors so a few things are still under construction like the rooftop pool and bars so once summer rolls around next year I may just be moving right on in here.

Grab drinks

The Williamsburg Hotel (TWH) and no it’s no just because I didn’t really have any desire to go out (have you see these rooms and pink robes?!?!) but more so because they have live jazz music outside on the terrace every night. Downright heavenly.

Head back upstairs to the cozy pink robes, apply a facemask, and do a low-key dinner in the room or on the terrace.  Since it is a staycation and I’m all about moving as little as humanly possible if I’m supposedly here for R&R I just parked myself in bed with room service.

Start the day right in Williamsburg:

When the weather is nice, get up and go for a run on the water. Grab a coffee on your walk back and sit out on the front patio. It’s calm and serene in the morning before the chaos and madness kick in!

Do breakfast

Given that I opted to go for a run on the water and skip a full breakfast I was incredibly grateful that they serve up fresh delicious blueberry muffins and coffee (with almond milk – bonus!!!) but for those that want to do a real breakfast TWH has a beautiful restaurant downstairs with a divine menu!

Grab a bike:

TWH has a dozen bikes for guests’ use so take full advantage of this. I grabbed mine and headed to a flea market in Bushwick, which made for a full day of fun and a little something different than I normally do on a Saturday when I’m home in the city. It doesn’t hurt that in the rooms you’ll find cute canvas bags too.

Where to R&R?

I love to treat myself every so often to a great blowout and one of my favorite salons, Amika, just happens to be located right up the street from TWH. Pop by for a quick blowout with some of the best, I love their team, the products are incredible and I actually swear by their purple blonde shampoo. It keeps my locks from looking brassy!

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