All About that Summer Beauty and Wellness Routine!


Going into the hot summer months it’s so important to change things up and do more to take better care of yourself – be it from working out to prepping for the beach. For me it starts with my workout, not only am I saying bye bye to my midday runs but I’m also switching up my workout outfits incorporating more shorts and light weight ribbed tanks. I’m currently loving 2(X)ist’s leggings and tanks for my workouts but am obsessed with their sweat shorts and pants for that much needed post-workout wind down couch session!

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When it’s so hot outside I know that I need to spend a give a bit of extra TLC to my body after a workout and not just using the roller. A great long bath (with a glass of wine in hand!) is my go-to. Giving myself a spa level treatment is crucial. I’ve been swearing by the Village Natural’s Therapy products from the aches & pains muscle relief foaming bath soak (can we say miracle worker?!?!) to the mineral bath soak and the foaming bath oil and body wash these gems are infused with a very powerful cocktail if you will of essential oils, extracts and cooling menthol that soothe my muscles and relax my body.

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Every season I find that I have to change up my beauty products not just on my face but my body and hair as well. My skin and hair get so dry -especially after being in the sun all day! I encourage everyone to give Tree Hut’s bare shave prep sugar scrub a try – it’s been a game changer for my sensitive skin because it uses oat kernel oil, which helps relieve skin irritation (something I’m all too familiar with!) and the avocado oil in it helps to keep my skin super moisturized.

My other little secret is Vita Coco (yes my coconut milk obsession continues) but the brand also makes an amazing coconut oil — this gem literally does everything else from being a shaving cream, makeup remover, hair conditioner (the best!) to even a lip balm — it’s honestly the best multi-tasking product a girl can have on hand all year long. I keep it as my go-to hair conditioner, especially at the beach!

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My final summer beauty change? Skincare. The air in the office is terrible, I’m on more flights this summer than I can count on two hands pair those demons with the heat of being outside at the pool and beach and it’s a combination for skin destruction. I’ve been an avid user of Vichy’s skincare products for a while but recently started using their LiftActive serum that also has sunscreen in it and am hooked – it’s protecting my skin from all of the ailments of daily life!


I’ve packed up all of my summer essentials for my weekend out east – tell me what are your summer must haves that you can’t live without? 

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